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Preacher Review- A New Messiah

With only one episode left before the season finale, Preacher started to put the pieces together for the end of season two in an episode that was stronger than last weeks but wasn't able to keep that momentum for the entire hour (or forty-two minutes if you want to subtract commercials. Sorry, I live my life one Netflix episode at a time) something that has plagued season two. Although, there were more high points than low points this week. The return of the Saint of Killer along with more back story was...
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Preacher Review- A Starr Rises

After a couple of lack luster episodes, it seems that Preacher has refound its footing with only six episodes left in the season, and a lot of it had to do with the Saint of Killers last week and the introduction of Herr Starr this week. We still don't know a whole lot about this guy but all I know is that I want more of him. From the moment he stepped on screen in his pristine white suit in Vietnam, to deal with the floating pig problem, all the way to...
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