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Orphan Black Review- Curtain Call

After four and a half seasons, countless characters, a number of awards including one Emmy, I think it's safe to say that Tatiana Maslany is pretty good at what she does. For serious. This week's episode of Orphan Black helped to drive that point home. It's easy to get swept up in the fact that this is the shows last season. With that train of thought, one can't be faulted in thinking that each episode will be nothing but answers, death, and resolutions. But it's when the show pauses to give us...
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Better Call Saul Finale Review- Straight Fire

Writing television reviews has become sort of a sanctuary for me. I watch these programs and spend the following day trying to formulate my thoughts so I can come here and discuss what we just watched together. There are days where my thoughts pour from my head to the screen as I have a million things I'd like to say, and there are days where I have so many thoughts that I'm not sure how to formulate them. That happened to me with my latest Orphan Black review, as I had articulated...
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Orphan Black- Season 5 Preview There always seems like such a void in the television landscape when Tatiana Maslany and her army of clones are vacant from our screens. That void is thankfully over, for the next ten episodes that is, as the final season of Orphan Black beings it's run tonight on BBC America. There's something a bit bittersweet about knowing that season five is the end for these characters but at the same time it allows this story to close itself on it's own terms and give our characters closure. Not too many television...
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