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Fear The Walking Dead: Series Taking A Break After This Sunday’s Episode!

Published on May 23rd, 2021 | Updated on May 23rd, 2021 | By FanFest

The Fear The Walking Dead series is taking a break after this Sunday’s episode! “Mother” the fourteenth episode of the season, will air this Sunday, May 23. After that the series will take a two-week break for Memorial Day weekend. Then the series will return for its penultimate episode on June 6th.

Fear The Walking Dead actually has a history of going off the air for Memorial Day weekend. Not a huge history, but a history nonetheless. Back in 2018, during season four, the series took a break for Memorial Day weekend then too.

This Sunday’s episode, “Mother” will have Teddy, Alicia and Dakota heading out on a trip together. Things get a little twisted and it all, predictably, ends with a cliffhanger. That will make the waiting that much harder.

On May 30 AMC will run a little marathon of this second half of Fear The Walking Dead season six. “Things Left to Do,” “Handle With Care,” “The Holding,” “In Dreams,” and “J.D.” will lead up to “Mother” reairing with some bonus content.

Fear returns June 6 with Season 6 Episode 15, “USS Pennsylvania,” where “motives are revealed and convictions are tested as our heroes rush to stop Teddy’s plan.”. Our favorite characters will have to work together in order to thwart Teddy and Riley.

These last two episodes of the season will apparently be “just massive” that’s what Debnam-Carey told previously. The episodes should be “quite unlike anything” we’ve ever seen from Fear. These episodes will set the stage for a very different season 7.

“The end of this season is going to have far-reaching changes, both for the characters and for the world they inhabit,” showrunner Andrew Chambliss teased earlier this season. “It really is going to change what this show is going forward into Season 7.”

If you really can’t wait to watch this Sunday’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead, you actually can. Just get AMC+, and you’re good to go! If you’re willing to wait, then you’ll catch it tonight with everyone else!

How do you feel about the series taking a break? Let us know in the comments!

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