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Actor August Maturo Conjures Up His Darker Side In ‘The Nun’

It was a superior opening weekend for The Nun as fans flocked theaters to satisfy their hunger for horror. This latest installment of The Conjuring franchise generated $53.5 million at the North American Box Office, making it the best debut in the series. The entertainment industry has been fierce in featuring top-notch talent for their focus on fright and The Nun is no exception. Fan Fest News was fortunate for the opportunity to speak with star August Maturo (Auggie) about his role in the terrifying tale surrounding the demon Nun as well as sharing delightful insights on his acting career and personal life.

Best known for his starring role on the Disney Channel Original Series Girl Meets World, Auggie has already established a solid acting resume that includes appearances in hit series such as How I Met Your Mother, Weeds, The Odd Couple, and Raising Hope to name a few. It just so happens that The Nun is his film debut, a role that Auggie informed me his mom was hesitant for him to take. Expressing a desire to expand his talents eventually convinced mom that Auggie be allowed to participate in this malevolent filled movie. The horror genre may be a far cry from Auggie’s past roles,  but he has embraced it with enthusiasm, even watching The Conjuring 2 to help prepare for his portrayal of Daniel in The Nun. Daniel happens to be part of Father Burkes’s (played by actor Demián Bichir) haunted past, a part that puts Auggie’s expanding acting abilities on display in fantastic fashion! Having jumped in my seat a few times while watching the movie myself, I was impressed to learn that this young man had no fear when filming his part. In fact, Auggie enjoyed every aspect of filming and spoke with great appreciation for the artistry and technology behind putting it all together; perhaps one-day taking action behind the camera himself.

Auggie’s passion for acting is evident, he knows it takes lots of hard work to be successful while drawing inspiration from those around him. His advice for young people wanting to break into the industry is to never give up, understand that you will receive a lot of nos but eventually you get a yes! You just need to stick with it. In addition to his acting skills, I personally happen to admire Auggie’s joyful demeanor and positive attitude as we discussed Halloween which is right around the corner. Even though life-threatening food allergies prevent him from eating the tasty holiday treats handed out door to door, he still enjoys dressing up. Auggie also spends time spreading awareness and promoting the importance of creating an action plan for children and adults who are affected by life-threatening food allergies, a cause close to his heart.

So, what is next for August Maturo? Auggie will be starring as Joshua in the upcoming independent feature Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog based on the bestselling Israeli novel The Jewish Dog by Asher Kravitz…

“The story follows Kaleb, a beloved German Shepherd, who is separated from his original master, a young boy played by Maturo, and his Jewish family when the Nuremberg Laws are enacted in World War II Berlin. Kaleb is then adopted by an SS Officer, who trains him to attack and round up Jews at a concentration camp. When the boy arrives as a prisoner, the dog rediscovers his unwavering loyalty to the boy, and the two work together to escape the camp and ultimately, make a safe passage to Israel.” – Source: Variety

I wish Auggie all the best in his future endeavors. His talent, determination, intelligence and ambition will surely bring him continued success. Wanna know a little more? Check out our quick Q & A…

  1. Favorite food: Pancakes
  2. Superpower: Psychic
  3. Hobby: Pokemon & loves playing with brother Ocean
  4. How would friends describe you in one word: Smart (Although one friend humorously refers to him as “Dead Boy” for his portrayal of Daniel in The Nun)
  5. Visit anywhere in the world: Paris, Italy, England
  6. Winter or Summer: Summer
  7. Favorite school subject: Science
  8. Career if not acting: Scientist
  9. If you could be any animal: Eagle
  10. Something you’d like people to know that you don’t get asked: Likes Pokemon and playing Pokemon Go!

Big thank you to Auggie for chatting with Fan Fest News. Keep an eye on this rising young star and be sure to check out The Nun! Get some ‘exorcise’. 😉