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‘Braindead’ Recap ‘Talking Points Toward a Wholistic View of Activism in Government: Can the Top Rebel?’

So my week was almost as crazy as this show- but I digress. Welcome to the Finale! Finale Part A! Luke tells Laurel about the CIA briefing him about bugs and asks her to stand down (if you remember Red was working with the CIA director). Laurel asks Gustav and Rochelle what to do. They refuse to back down. It is 9/11 and the committee vote is postponed to honor our heroes. It is clear that the queen is badly injured. Pollack demands that she takes over for him. Jake is...
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‘Braindead’ Recap ‘Six Points On The New Congressional Budget: The False Dichotomy Of Austerity Vs. Expansionary Policies’

Things are so weird that the narrator had to watch another show. LOL Red tells Gareth to go to SRB-54 to pick something up and to tell the guys “we’re ready to release.” Before he leaves, Gareth witnesses Red laying eggs in a cherry blossom… wtf. He is spooked and calls Laurel. Oh! And has a new intern named Gary. Luke is cracking under this pressure. He takes Red’s budget and divvies it up amongst his group to see what Red is hiding. He gets some good new though, if...
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