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‘Braindead’ Recap ‘Talking Points Toward a Wholistic View of Activism in Government: Can the Top Rebel?’

Published on September 19th, 2016 | Updated on September 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

So my week was almost as crazy as this show- but I digress. Welcome to the Finale! Finale Part A!

Luke tells Laurel about the CIA briefing him about bugs and asks her to stand down (if you remember Red was working with the CIA director). Laurel asks Gustav and Rochelle what to do. They refuse to back down.

It is 9/11 and the committee vote is postponed to honor our heroes. It is clear that the queen is badly injured. Pollack demands that she takes over for him.

Jake is back and announces that they received $2 million to fund their next documentary. But they have to start in 3 weeks. Laurel immediately suspects that Red wants her out. Trouble is, he doesn’t seem to know what she is talking about and The Ocean League is a legit company.

Gustav asked Rochelle out! But she politely declined… And interrupting Laurel. Gustav suggests they kill Red and Laurel pulls out. Completely.

Laurel tells Gareth the good- ish news about the documentary. She’s taking it because she doesn’t finish any projects, the CIA is on the bug case and she’s leaving in a week. Laureth can’t break up! That’s right! Laureth!

Red asks Gareth to write his notes for him, since he is obviously hurting. This pisses Pollack off. She hires a guy to take care of Gareth.

Laurel writes up a very formal resignation letter. Luke asks her to stay until they finish the budget. The budget guy, Hardy, has an epiphany and finds a window in the budget leading them to West Virginia. They are not interment camps, they are greenhouses- for cherry blossoms. Luke doesn’t want to hear it and- interrupting Gareth.

He’s drunk and asks her to marry him. He may not mean that exactly, but he obviously doesn’t want her to leave. Laureth forever!!!!

Luke goes to the CIA director to tell him the cherry blossom news. Luke also lies to him to conclude that the CIA is not on top of things. They need Laurel. He tells Laurel that the CIA is lying and he wants to call their dad. Laurel then tells him that daddy has an infestation problem.

Luke addresses the committee to ask why they are voting on something they don’t know the answer to. What are these secret buildings?

Gareth refuses to help Red on this one.

After the meeting, Gareth is attacked by the man Pollack hired and it’s a pretty epic fight scene- except neither one is moving at the end of it… WHY IS GARETH NOT MOVING???

Oh good he’s alive! Phew. Laurel addresses Gareth’s drunken proposal and he says it didn’t mean anything, he was drunk. She asks him to go with her when she leaves to make her documentary.

He declines. It’s what they need to do.

The CIA director visits Luke and Luke grows a pair and stand up for himself. Feels good.

However, the bill passes as is.

Luke protests the Farm Bill. Pollack, pissed off at Red, holds a gun to him. But it does’t go off-

“The problem with Liberals, They don’t know where the safety is,” – Red

Red takes the gun and shoots her. His queen decapitates hers. This world’s not big enough for the two of them.

The cameras shut off on the protest. And Luke inspires Laurel to stay and she shows him that they can use Periscope to live stream the protest.


Part B is coming up right now!

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