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‘Braindead’ Recap ‘The End of All We Hold Dear: What Happens When Democracies Fail: A Brief Synopsis’

Published on September 19th, 2016 | Updated on September 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

Finale Part B!

Yay! We can put a face to the preview singer! And Gustav tells him to leave. This show is great!

Laurel says the bugs’s plan is to survive.

Laurel meets Gareth’s parents. It’s awkward especially since Red introduced them, not Gareth. She asks Gareth to get the rest of the blueprints for the hothouses.

The sit-in is ending, everyone got tired. Luke asks the security guard to arrest him, to bring drama back to the sit-in. He bribes the man and leaves in handcuffs. Hello drama.

Gareth breaks into Red’s desk and finds a gun and a photo and a security badge. He tells Laurel and she says “Love you” which this is their first time (awwwwww) he says it back.

Red, seeing that the protest is back on wants to meet with Luke to negotiate. Luke agrees. Red notices that someone was in his desk.

The CIA director is back and he accuses Luke of leaking. He even has a witness. Laurel thinks it could be their dad.

She visits him and yes he did go to the CIA. Laurel makes her dad remember how he hurt Luke by calling him an embarrassment and the bugs started coming coming out.

Rochelle says that shame is the deepest human emotion and the human side was winning for a bit. Gareth intervenes. He tells her that he thinks he loves her too. They have a real I love you moment.

Gustav and Rochelle are getting ready and they buy a ton of salt. Gustav looks good in a suit. He is impersonating Red. One of Red’s minions is there and they panic and leave before they can salt the plots.

Laurel asks Luke what else their dad said to him when he lost the election. He said that she should go find the camera she got for her 9th birthday. He didn’t know she was there and heard all of that back then and collapses as all of the bugs leave his head.

Luke is at the meeting with Red when he gets the emergency call from Laurel about their dad. Lucky, because Red had his gun aimed at Luke.

Luke and Laurel wait outside the hospital room.

Gareth goes to Red’s office and is waiting for Gustav to bring back the ID. He does barely on time.

Laurel tells Gareth that shame works on the bugs. Not the best timing, since they are in bed. Red calls Laurel, Lana and Gareth thinks he knows why. Remember that photo he found at the beginning of the episode?

Rochelle causes a scene over a speeding ticket and that minion that was at the hothouses, coincidentally, is there.

Luke is stopped by Red and the CIA director who say they have a sex tape, thanks to Scarlett… That hussy. Luke stops the sit-in and the vote continues. The Farm Bill passes again.

Luke has a plan. The Motorcycle Bill that Luke is proposing will negate that Farm Bill across state lines. Sneaky sneaky.

Gustav works for the NSA?!?! What! WHAT! The cops apologize and leave. Couldn’t he have just used that badge to get into the hothouses in the first place?

Laurel goes to see Red and asks about Lana. She wants to shame him to get the bugs out. Red pulls the gun on Laurel and Gareth bursts through the door just in time. He tackles Red and they fight over the gun. Red gets shot in the butt (teehee) and Gary The Intern steps on the queen as she flees to safety.

All of the bugs in D.C. flock to her trapping Gareth and Laurel in Red’s office.

Rochelle and Gustav’s plan works and the cherry blossoms fall from the trees.


Laurel is done with politics but her and Gareth are still adorable. Red recovers and gets reelected. Laurel and Luke’s dad is back to having Parkinson’s Disease. Luke moves on to Wallstreet, well he was forced to leave D.C.

As for the bugs, are they gone? Are they just laying low for a while? Who knows, one thing is for sure, no one has seem them for a while.


So there’s your season of Braindead folks! What’d you think? Would you like to see a season 2? Tell me your thoughts and stuff in the comments!

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