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‘Braindead’ Recap ‘The Path to War Part One: The Gathering Political Storm’

Published on August 22nd, 2016 | Updated on August 22nd, 2016 | By FanFest

Remember last time we talked, Gustav and Rochelle found out that Laurel’s dad was infected? Well their transmitter thing just stopped when he turned around. Weird.

And the vote where all of the infected voted twice? Red is investigating the security footage and he sees two people leaving the building, Rochelle and Gustav

Gareth tells Laurel that her friends are in trouble. When she goes to warn them, they tell her about Gustav’s toy and that her father might have bugs. Laurel visits her father to see if he is infected, he isn’t showing any obvious signs but that doesn’t mean anything.

A committee meeting brings to light the idea that a man created a chemical that, when injected, will make heads explode. The man says he created it because his mother was killed in a drone attack, but it was an Iranian drone made with Chinese parts. He has no motive to terrorize America.

While raiding through her father’s medicine cabinet, Laurel discovers that he has Parkinson’s Disease. She confronts Luke about it and it is confirmed that the reason he wanted Laurel to come home to work in D.C. was so that he can spend time with her before the disease takes over.

Rochelle goes home to find it broken into and beats up an infected man with what looks like a frozen turkey leg. Gustav helps tie him up for questioning. Laurel goes over to ask if Parkinson’s could disrupt the frequency for Gustav’s toy and it’s possible.

Laurel goes to see her father’s mistress to see if he’s had any behavioral changes that could be bug related. And guess what! He is!

Gustav and Rochelle continue to interrogate their prisoner.

Gareth brings Laurel a burger and tells her that the next witness is lying and that she should tell her brother. They have a lovely evening but she interrupts it to go save her mother.

In order to get her mother to move out, she tells her that her father is still seeing his mistress.

Back at the committee meeting,  Luke questions the witness to reveal that Red gave him the lab coat. A CIA agent comes in an tells them that there is no reason to suspect Syria of bio-terrorism.

Back at Rochelle’s, the prisoner is drunk and is revealing that they are space bugs but don’t like being called aliens, they think “You might think” is the most beautiful song ever written and that humans are likely to over take them. They are going to have to let him go…

Red and Pollack just hooked up in his office!? well more like mated… but still what?


Infected: Dean Healy.


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