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‘Braindead’ Recap ‘Six Points On The New Congressional Budget: The False Dichotomy Of Austerity Vs. Expansionary Policies’

Published on September 5th, 2016 | Updated on September 5th, 2016 | By FanFest

Things are so weird that the narrator had to watch another show. LOL

Red tells Gareth to go to SRB-54 to pick something up and to tell the guys “we’re ready to release.” Before he leaves, Gareth witnesses Red laying eggs in a cherry blossom… wtf. He is spooked and calls Laurel. Oh! And has a new intern named Gary.

Luke is cracking under this pressure. He takes Red’s budget and divvies it up amongst his group to see what Red is hiding.

He gets some good new though, if the campaign wins, Luke gets a bid to head the CIA. Crazy! The agents begin interviewing Luke’s coworkers about him and they are finding less than super information.


Laurel and Gareth meet up and she asks about the budget. He’s about as clueless as she is. He asks about the bugs. He describes what he saw and Laurel immediately takes him to go see Rochelle and Gustav. Gareth gets even more freaked out and leaves. Laurel follows him to try to get him to understand and he kisses her.

Gareth then calls his parents, Aww!

Red calls Laurel to meet up and she agrees. Not aww.

Later that night, Laurel goes over to his place because he can’t sleep. They are just too cute!


Gareth looks into the budget for Laurel and tells her that Red only made corrections in the Farm Bill section. That’s the part they should focus on.

The agents want to interview Laurel and they think she’s crazy. She makes up a story about how that isn’t true… and Gustav shows up with monkey brains… smooth.


She takes the monkey brains to Red’s office and he’s listening to Melanesian choirs. He smells the bait. And wants to invest in a documentary that she would make to get rid of her. He offers $2 million.

He finds the brains and kicks her out.

Laurel finds out that the towns in the Farm Bill are the internment camp locations from the SRB-54 blue prints. But why? Gareth pops in saying the bugs need heat to spawn. Between 85 and 95 degrees to be exact which is what the building hits after 10:30pm. He thinks he’s insane.

Red needs to lay eggs but Gary the new intern threw out all of the cherry blossoms… He finds one and Laurel is waiting for him in his office. Once the bug is out, Rochelle and Gustav and Rochelle join her in trying to squish it but fail when Gary interrupts.

The CIA agent that briefs Luke tells him about the alien bugs. Laurel and Gustav were right! The agent asks him to ask Laurel to stand down.

Ok nevermind- He’s working with Red…


Well next week is the Finale! Are you sad? Are you excited? Tell me what you think as we head into the last episode! The finale is on at a special time 9:00!

See you next Sunday at 9!

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