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‘Braindead’ Recap ‘Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. are Discovered and Patched’

Published on August 22nd, 2016 | Updated on August 22nd, 2016 | By FanFest

Rochelle lost Kevin at the secure door SRB-54. What is in there? Laurel sees Dr. Samira from the committee meeting last week working in there. She tells Luke but apparently there is no SRB-54.

Remember that Luke was considering leaking the CIA briefing? Well someone beat him to it. Red, however, plans on blaming him for it.

Yay another committee meeting! Red is attacking Luke.

Gareth goes to Laurel and tells her that Red is after her too. They then get a bit frisky in the Smithsonian planetarium.

Back at the office, Gareth receives files on past sexual encounters for both Luke and Laurel. Both are rather thick files.

The news presenter, who broadcasted the leak, refuses to reveal who leaked the information to her, is arrested.

Gareth brings up the file, and Laurel asks him how many would’ve been acceptable for him and then asks how many he has had since he is clearly irked by that number. He makes a snide comment and she kicks him out.

Luke’s lawyer asks Laurel is she leaked, she denies. Who did it?

Gareth kills the wifi down in SRB-54 to gain access to the room. His advice, turn it off and on again! LOL He manages to take photos of some blueprints.

The questioning begins.

Gareth shares the information with Laurel, who is now, kind of speaking with him. But what is happening on September 12? No one knows. Weel, except room SRB-54.

Red’s freelance investigator shares that Laurel slept with Michael Moore… Ew. What worse is that Gareth pictures it… Thanks Gareth. This show definitely wins on weird sex scenes…

Oh god, not again! Gareth Stop it!

He makes her dinner and asks her about it and yeah, she did. Awesome…

I honestly feel like he isn’t trying to judge Laurel, but he did handle that poorly. Poor Gareth.


Red is now being questioned by Lawrence Boch about his push for a war with Syria. And when prompted by the man questioning him,

“Why don’t you just take out a gun and shoot me.”

He does.

Jed the intern over hears the gunshot and Red makes him help dispose of the body. Poor Jed. He was so bright and WHY IS TONY SHALHOUB I MEAN RED TOUCHING AND WHY DID HE JUST EAT HIS BRAIN!?!?!

What the hell? Red just packed away that brain splatter for lunch. Ew.

Boch doesn’t show up to the meeting the next day, obviously, and as it turns out, Laurel didn’t sleep with Michael Moore. He left before she got there. Go get her Gareth!

The committee chair was the leak!

Luke goes to Red about his internment camp proposals. Red just throws his head back and laughs saying that people want internment camps… We’ll see what happens with that.

Gareth goes to apologize and brings a Michael Moore movie as a gift, but Laurel thinks they need a break. They are just too different. NOOOOOO! Laurel how could you let him go! He made a mistake and is trying to make it up to you! :'(


We didn’t see anyone get infected this episode but that Michael Moore scene along with Red eating brains is just as brain melting. Ew.  Hopefully next week is not as gross or sad.

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