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Joel McHale is Returning to ‘The Soup’ Roots With New Netflix Series

Have you been missing the always fantastic and hilarious Joel McHale on your screen as much as we have? If the answer is 'yes' then we have great news for you because Netflix has answered the McHale call and given him his very own series! The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale will be a weekly half-hour program featuring celebrity guests, comedy sketches, and video clips. McHale announced the new series on Twitter this morning by poking some fun at Netflix's budget and revealing his brand new set, which is actually just a...
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Emmys: Tell Me Youre Seeing This Too

I am a television geek which I'm sure comes to the surprise of none of you who follow me here or at my blog (I Am Geek #shamelessselfplug). Actually, I define myself as a geek which means that I love many different things in all types of mediums but I'm here to confess to you guys that I just straight up love television. Outside of reading I think it has become my favorite medium for story telling. There's just so much room and potential to grow with characters that I...
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Mr. Robot What’s Stage Two? Anyone?

Over the last couple of weeks Mr. Robot has lifted back the curtain giving us a bit more insight in the direction this second season is heading as all the roads seem to finally be converging. You get the feeling that we're building to something huge here and just like Elliot we're right on the outside of it trying to figure it out. The episode started with a fill in the blank flashback to Elliot's arrest and his time in jail (Ray was the warden... eeeep). It turns out that Elliot didn't...
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