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‘Batwoman’ Recap: ‘How Queer Everything Is Today!’

Published on January 21st, 2020 | Updated on January 21st, 2020 | By FanFest

With the crisis having just ended it’s really a shame that How Queer Everything Is Today doesn’t seem keen on bringing Batwoman into the wider Arrowverse. Batwoman has, since it began, felt like it is in its own section of the universe. Separate from everything. This is even more distressing thanks to the changes that came from the recent Crisis. There are things in the second half of this episode that leads me to believe good things are to come, though!

This episode saw Kate dealing with a hacker and her own sense of self. For someone who believes in absolute honesty, it must be incredibly difficult to live a lie, and that’s what this episode tries to explore with Kate. From struggling with how she’s portrayed in the media, to losing her entire family… Kate’s been having a rough go of it lately. The status quo for Batwoman remains the same, for the most part except that by the end of this episode she does share one thing about herself.

Batwoman officially comes out as gay! I particularly liked this storyline, even finding myself emotional at the ending scenes dealing with them. Kate’s speech on how being a hero can be different things really resonated with me and I can understand how that breaking news would resonate for people in Kate’s world, too.

How Queer Everything Is Today! fumbled with its villain, though. I didn’t think Parker was awful, by any means. The story itself was quite touching and was definitely a step up from some of the villains we got in the first half of the season. I just find myself wondering when Batwoman is going to get a real threat here, which brings me to another issue I have.

Why does Kate suck so bad? Really, though, think about it. Kate’s gone through some incredible training, she’s been shown as this incredible fighter but she keeps getting her butt handed to her. It doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying she needs to plan for everything and be as skilled as Batman, but come on! The Kate we saw in the Elseworlds crossover was was more awesome than the show portrays her as. THAT Batwoman took down Barry and Oliver by herself. I want that Kate back.

The other storyline that How Queer Everything Is Today! tackles is in regards to Kate’s family. Jacob is in prison and Mary is falling apart. This part of the episode had Mary doing her best to find an expert witness to testify for her stepfather. The problem is that everyone thinks she’s crazy and even when Kate tries to reach out, she’s pushed away by her stepsister.

By the end of How Queer Everything Is Today! she’s no closer to finding a way to exonerate her stepfather but at least she and Kate seem to have made up.

The part that gives me hope in regards to the multiverse, though, is this strange version of Beth that Kate finds in her apartment. Only time will tell if this Beth is a remnant from the old multiverse or something else entirely, but I, personally, am hoping for multiverse shenanigans.

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