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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Life Sentence’

Published on May 18th, 2018 | Updated on May 18th, 2018 | By FanFest

If there is one word that I would have to use to describe this season finale, that would absolutely be ‘wow’. Earlier this month, Stephen Amell tweeted about how he had a chance to watch the episode – and he himself was in tears about it. I have to say, I absolutely agree. We’ve seen some pretty strong, and powerful cliffhangers. This finale, however, was on an entirely different level.




‘Life Sentence’ kicks off with Oliver and the rest of his team ambushing the police station. As he learned in the past, his team wasn’t enough… so this time he is accompanied by Agent Watson and her FBI agents. Despite their search efforts, they are unable to locate Diaz. Oliver figures he has to have known they would be coming, so he must have a third base of operations somewhere in the city. He reaches out to Anatoly to find out if Diaz was operating out of a secret base. However, Anatoly is parked in a different location with Diaz and could not give Oliver the information he needed without Diaz discovering that Anatoly was working with Oliver. Diaz informs Anatoly that he has made some new friends, the Long Bow Hunters.

At the police station, Oliver gifts Diggle with a Green Arrow costume and apologizes to him for everything. Diggle turns down the costume, saying the role of the Green Arrow would be diminished if there were more than one. While they talk, Anatoly enters and turns himself in. He gives Oliver Diaz’s location and tells him that Diaz has employed The Longbow Hunters. At City Hall, Lance signs other municipal authority to Agent Watson. He then gets a phone call from Diaz, who orders Lance to remove the FBI or he will kill Black Siren. Team Arrow and the FBI head out and converge on Diaz’s secret location. Once they arrive, they discover that the building is rigged with trip wires and explosives. Felicity warns the team that if they move, the entire facility will detonate. While she attempts to deactivate them, Anatoly receives a phone call from Diaz. He tells him he knows Anatoly was betraying him, and remotely detonates. Luckily for Oliver and his crew, everyone manages to escape.

They all head back to the police station, and Oliver has a heart to heart with Rene. He apologizes for everything, just like he did with Diggle. Agent Watson tells Lance to call Diaz back and tell him he wants to see Black Siren, proving she is alive. Lance calls and gets the new location, but Diaz warns Lance to come alone and if he sees any authorities or Team Arrow – Black Siren will die. He moves to different location set by Diaz, and loses contact with Oliver and the FBI. Oliver tells everyone that Quentin has a pacemaker, which he made a point to mention. Felicity manages to ping a location on the pacemaker and locate Lance. After an argumentative discussion, Diaz attempts to shoot Black Siren. Lance jumps infront of the bullet, taking a shot to the abdomen. Before Diaz can shoot them both, Team Arrow and the FBI jump in.

Dinah discovers Laurel and Lance, and takes the sonic dampener off of Black Siren. Together, they work as a team to get him medical attention. Diaz attempts to run away, but is tracked down by Oliver. The two engage in a fist fight, which results with Oliver gaining the upper hand. Black Siren appears on the roof and canary cries him off of the roof out of rage, sending him flying into the river. Oliver expresses his anger, saying the fall would not have killed him. Oliver meets with Agent Watson and tells her he was able to copy Diaz’s files during the fight. The FBI will now have a list of everyone on Diaz’s payroll.  Oliver heads to the hospital, where he learns Lance is septic and needs surgery. The two of them have a heart to heart, before Lance is taken away. While he is taken away, Sara and Black Siren meet for the very first time.


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Agent Watson comes, telling Oliver that is is time. Oliver reveals to his team that in exchange for his teams immunity, he would turn himself in. As Sara approaches the group, the doctor comes out and informs everyone that Lance has passed away during the operation. Despite this, Agent Watson still holds their agreement. Felicity speaks with him, begging him to break out of prison. Oliver states he cannot, otherwise the rest of the team will be arrested. He then asks to speak with William, and he explains the entire situation to him. After this, Oliver is led out of City Hall and is greeted by reporters and camera. He admits, on camera, to being the Green Arrow.

The episode closes with Oliver giving a speech to the media, and a montage of the FBI agents tracking down all of the corrupt members on Diaz’s payroll. Sara and Black Siren say their goodbyes to Quentin. Diaz enters a new safehouse, alive and well with a few surviving followers. Diggle brings home the second Green Arrow suit.

Oliver finally arrives at the FBI Supermax facility, and is locked away.


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