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Theory Thursday: How Did Earth-2 Laurel Become Evil / Black Siren?

Our original Laurel might be dead, but that’s not enough to stop Earth-2 Laurel from causing some trouble. In past articles, I’ve spoken about where Earth-2 Laurel's story could go; but we’ve come a long way from the MidSeason Premier of Season 5 and my first Theory Thursday. Though whereas a lot of my initial thoughts/ hopes were debunked, there’s also a lot of it that has been magnified in recent episodes - especially after the Season 6 premier. So this week for Theory Thursday, we’re not trying to figure...
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Black Siren Returns To Set Up Emotional Arrow Season Finale

Arrow is nearing the end of its Fifth Season and it looks like we won’t get to catch our breath any time soon. Despite Oliver seemingly taking down Prometheus in this week’s episode “Honor Thy Father”, it looks like the worst is yet to come as Team Prometheus starts picking off Team Arrow one by one! Though it’s not so much the “picking off” that will hit audiences the hardest, but rather the confrontations to come as we find Black Siren and Quentin Lance coming face to face in some...