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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Docket No. 11-19-41-73’

Published on May 4th, 2018 | Updated on May 4th, 2018 | By FanFest

I have to say, this episode was certainly one for the scrapbooks. It was thrilling, suspenseful and at times even frustrating until  the very end. After weeks of arguing, it was nice to finally see both NTA and OTA come together despite their differences in opinion in order to do what was right.

‘Docket No. 11-19-41-73’ starts Diggle parachuting down to a site in Kasania, and taking out a group of Soldiers. He then rescues a prisoner, which is revealed to be Human Target, and asks him to help him in Star City. At City Hall, Lance is interviewed by a news reporter where he states that Oliver is not the Green Arrow. Halfway through Black Siren walks in and states that she will only reveal the Green Arrow if she is subpoenaed. The trail begins and all members of both NTA and OTA are there to support Oliver. The prosecution calls Diggle to the stand, but he has yet to Arrive. The prosecution then moves to question Dr. Lisa Schwartz, the one who was a doctor at the Starling General. When asked if she saw the Green Arrow’s face on the night he brought in Laurel after the fight after Damien Darhk, she responded by saying she wasn’t paying attention – she was too preoccupied with saving Laurel’s life. The prosecution then questions both Diggle and Dinah, both of whom deny that Oliver is the Green Arrow. Diaz summons Black Siren for a meeting and after threatening her, tells her that he saw her interview with Lance and that she is going to be called to the stand – to testify that Oliver is the Green Arrow.

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Rene takes the stand and is in full support of Oliver. Halfway through his testimony, Diaz enters holding Zoe hostage. This pressures Rene into telling the truth about Oliver being the Green Arrow. Diggle and Dinah confront Diaz on the courthouse steps, only to be surrounded by the entire police force. Diaz tells the police to let them go – and all will turn out in a matter of time. Jean, Oliver’s lawyer and longtime friend, asks Oliver if he really is the Green Arrow. He tells her the truth, to which she says they could try to spin it positively. Oliver states that it is too big of a risk for Felicity and William if he does. Felicity gets called to the stand, where she states that the photo identifying Oliver as the Green Arrow from months ago is a fake. Oliver gets called to the stand, where he explains that Roy ties to the Green Arrow. As they speak, the Green Arrow crashes through the ceiling – it’s Tommy Merlyn.

Tommy explains that he fakes his death as a way to conceal his dual identity as The Hood. The prosecution asks Tommy why Rene said Oliver was the Green Arrow, and Tommy responds that Rene did so under duress. The judge orders Tommy to be taken into custody. As the cops make to escort him to Diaz, Rene and Diggle break him out and the three of them jump in a van. There it is revealed that Tommy is actually Human Target. At the Court House, Lance comes in and tells Oliver that Laurel is being called to testify against Oliver. When she takes the stand, she is asked for the identity of the Green Arrow. After a minute of hesitation, she states that Tommy is the Green Arrow. She then meets up with Lance, and tells him she knows exactly what she needs to do.

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While Oliver, William and Felicity talk – Jean comes in and tells him that the jury has reached a verdict. Oliver is guilty on all charges. Jean asks for the verdict to be stopped, because of conflicting evidence. The judge, surprisingly, agrees and Oliver is free to go. Everyone celebrates and heads back to the bunker. Once they get there, they are approached by the judge who is actually – human target. Diggle and Oliver thank him for his help. Following this, Oliver heads to Rene’s apartment and the two of them apologize to each other. The real judge is taken infront of Diaz, and tries to explain that he was kidnapped and it was not him who let Oliver walk. Diaz shoots him anyway.

Laurel arrives on scene and canary cries Diaz and his men. She approaches Diaz and is about to kill him, but he pulls out his sonic dampener. He tells her that the plan has changed, and now he is going to kill Oliver and everyone he cares about.

Arrow will return on Thursday, May 10th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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