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20 Years Ago, ‘Buddy’ Won Over Hearts in ‘Air Bud’

Published on May 8th, 2017 | Updated on May 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

It’s never too early to talk about some ‘throwbacks’, right? Especially when they involve doggies!

The past few nights I have suddenly found myself in the mood for dog movies; and I can’t exactly figure out why. Maybe it is because A Dogs Purpose was recently released for On Demand and it made me suddenly think about dog movies. Also, every time I watch a dog movie, I feel the need to have my dog right next to me. In the event that something really sad happens, I just need to hug him! He’s a German Shepherd, so he’s always willing to get some extra hugs!

While digging through my old DVD’s, I suddenly stumbled upon Air Bud. I remember thinking it had been ages since I last saw the original one. I remembered the dogs name was Buddy, he played basketball and his former owner was a clown. After watching the heartwarming tale, as the credits rolled on by my boyfriend and I realized that Air Bud made its debut in 1997…. which makes the film 20 years old!!

Kevin Zegers played the films main ‘human’, a young boy named Josh Framm. Josh, his mother and his sister moved to Fernfield just a year after his father had passed away. Josh found himself isolated from most of his peers, so he took to playing basketball on an abandoned court to ‘toss away’ his problems. That was when he met Buddy, a sweet Golden Retriever who had escaped from his abusive owner. The movie follows their heartwarming tale, in which Josh learns that not only does Buddy have an incredibly sweet deposition… he also can shoot hoops in basketball!!

One thing I found myself laughing at, as a former Veterinary Technician, was the fact that he kept feeding Buddy pudding cups and spaghetti o’s…. which I do not recommend in real life; but for movie purposes- it was pretty cute!

Ai Bud continued on through the years, and we learned Buddy was capable of playing almost all sports. The sequel to Air Bud was titled Air Bud: Golden Receiver in which Buddy took on playing football! Now years later, you can follow the tales of Air Buddies, descendants of our beloved Buddy!

Check out the original trailer below:



How sweet! We miss you Buddy! Thank you for warming our hearts for the past 20 years!!

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