The Unspoken Movie Rules Chronicles- Rule #1: The Dog Lives

For those of you who have seen the classic Scream films, you know that every single horror movie has its rules - if you're trying to survive the movie, that is! Movies of the horror genre are not the only ones that come with a set of rules. Any movie enthusiast will tell you that when they are watching a movie, they have certain expectations and some moral rules of their own - and not just the movie enthusiasts either. When creating a movie the actors, directors and writers know...

Pop Culture: ‘Squat Your Dog Challenge’ is now Latest Social Media Trend

Ever have those days when you're heading out to work or the gym and on your way out you catch your pooch giving you those 'Please don't go' eyes? I can tell you for a fact, my dog uses this look to his advantage as much as he possibly can. How can I say no to those big brown German Shepherd eyes?? Well, if you feel guilty about leaving your dog to head to the gym; apparently now you and your furry friend can work out together! People everywhere are...
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