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‘Gotham: Mad City’: Adult Poison Ivy Featurette Released

Gotham is back and we are almost to the second episode of season 3. We still saw the young Ivy Pepper, but had an exclusive on the adult version of Ivy Pepper (or like we know her, Poison Ivy). Take a look: "Little Ivy has been changed, she's been morphed into big Ivy. She doesn't really know what happened to her, but she likes it," Geha said.   You know what is more exciting? The fact that we will see the older Poison Ivy in the next episode....
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‘Gotham’ Season 3: Sneak Peek Preview Episode 2: Burn the Witch

After that amazing first episode yesterday, we cannot wait for next Monday. Fox has released a small sneak preview of episode 2, which is called ‘Burn the Witch’.   Apparently this second episode is going to be centered around Poison Ivy and her age difference. We already saw the person do their thing to different people, killing them instantly by aging them fast forward.   This is all so excited and we LOVE that Gotham is back! Are you?   Gotham’s Mad City: Burn the Witch episode will air...