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How 12 of Your Favorite Heroes and Villains Looked on ‘Smallville’ vs. Now

There have been plenty of different iterations of DC characters and their 'super suits' throughout the years, but since we here at Fan Fest are huge fans of the current Arrowverse, I thought that it would be fun to take a look back at another fan-favorite WB/CW show that followed these popular DC characters - Smallville.  For those of you who aren't that familiar with Smallville (which is available to stream on Hulu ), it followed a young Clark Kent as he struggled to find his place in the world while learning to harness his...
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SDCC: Is Mon-El Coming Back? How Dark Will Season 3 Be? Fan Fest Speaks to the Cast of ‘Supergirl’

It's no secret that Warner Bros. DCTV panel was absolutely crazy! It had everyone from Arrow and The Flash all the way to Supergirl and the newcomer Black Lightening.  Fan Fest had the opportunity to speak with some of the cast from Supergirl to get some insight on what's to come in season three as well as some reflection on previous seasons! Melissa Benoist - Kara/Supergirl Can you talk about how Kara's dealing with Mon-El leaving? This season picks up a couple months after she had to send him away. That vulnerable shaken state that you saw in her...
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