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A Constant Reader’s Top Five Stephen King Films

I think it was last week where I was floating through the interwebs, like I often do, and discovered that Nerdist had posted a column breaking down the best Stephen King movies of all time. My immediate thought was, "Oooooh what fun" followed by "I'm not going to read that". I know, such conflicting thoughts in such rapid succession. I didn't read the column because I instantly wanted to do that too and didn't want Nerdist to alter my perception of what I think are the best Stephen King movies....
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Happy Birthday, Ross Marquand!

Another family member from The Walking Dead universe is celebrating a birthday today. Our favorite impersonator, Ross Marquand turns 36! Born in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ross is best known for his role as Aaron on the AMC series but we know that he is so much more than that. Along with his appearances on Mad Men where he played Paul Newman and a number of films throughout his career, Ross is also a very accomplished voice actor and impersonator, mimicking the voices of 50+ celebrities including Kevin Spacey, Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt,...

‘Magic Mike’ Turns 5! Here’s 15 Facts You Don’t Need to Know but Should About the Movie

1. There are 19 total minutes worth of male stripping in the film. The only fact you really need to know. 2. The role of Brooke was initially offered to Jessica Biel. After she turned it down, actress Cody Horn took the part. 3. Anthony Mackie tried to convince Channing Tatum to let him have a role in the movie. Unfortunately, his efforts were thwarted. Lame. 4. Joe Manganiello once guest starred on Matt Bomer's USA show, White Collar. One of his lines was to ask Bomer's character "Do you like strip...
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