Why Luke Skywalker Thinks “The Jedi Must End” In The Last Jedi

It’s been about a week since we saw The Last Jedi trailer and we still can’t get that phrase out of our heads: “It’s time for the Jedi to end”. Why would Luke Skywalker - the last beacon of the Jedi - seemingly want the Jedi to end? One ABC interview proposed that it could mean a turn to the Dark Side for Luke, to which Hamill said, “anything is possible”. So could this be it? …. No! For starters, Mark Hamill had JUST finished explaining how this is a...

Star Wars Episode VIII- Just Who Is the Last Jedi?

Geeklings, there I was at work, just minding my business, filling my water bottle, when I decided to sneak on to Faceyspace for a second. You know, one of those mental health breaks that I do in secret. Mostly on water runs. Anyway... as I was mental healthing what did I find? Something more glorious then pics of cat cosplays. Something more fantastic then videos of people getting hit in the face. Something so spectacular that it changed the course of my day (that's right the hype train is real right...