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Demi Lovato will have a YouTube Documentary ‘I am: Demi Lovato’

Demi Lovato has been in the spotlight for some time now, which means fans have seen her incredible highs and some devastating lows as well. She grew up in front of cameras as a celebrity and during certain times in her life, she needed to get away from it all. She's always been honest about her troubles and her blessings, and now she is inviting fans into a more personal look at what's been going on in the last year of her life. 'I am: Demi Lovato' will premiere on...

‘The Angry Birds Movie’ Soars With NEW Trailer

"Time to get angry!" 'The Angry Birds Movie' dropped a new trailer today and it looks AWESOME! In the trailer, we meet Red, voiced by Jason Sudeikis, and he is having a bit of a tough time. He is constantly aggravated and angry but, when some “mysterious and weird” pigs, voiced by Bill Hader, Blake Shelton and Tony Hale, arrive in his home town, he is immediately suspicious and tries to warn the rest of the birds living there. When the evil pigs steal the birds’ eggs, it’s up to...