Fan Fest Exclusive Interview: Celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Adventures in Babysitting” with Keith Coogan

The 1980s was an iconic time for teen movies. Films were finally being released that offered insight into the trials and tribulations of the teenage years without being patronizing. One of these films comes in the form of Adventures in Babysitting. Directed by Chris Columbus, the movie follows a babysitter (Elisabeth Shue) who ventures to downtown Chicago to rescue her friend (Penelope Ann Miller) who has run away from home. Shue brings along the kids she's babysitting (Keith Coogan, Mia Brewton, and Anthony Rapp) and the group embarks on a life changing adventure involving street gangs,...
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Mayim Bialik: The biggest Trekkie on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

There is no question that The Big Bang Theory is a show that Trekkies would love, and Trekkies even star in the show! Stellar! Believe it or not, Mayim Bialik is the biggest Trekkie in the cast! Well, Sheldon has everyone beat, but in the real world, Bialik's fandom is out of this world! In honor of Star Trek's 50th anniversary and throwback Thursday, we're going to look back at the time Mayim did a photo shoot proving that she was the biggest Trekkie ever. Mayim transformed herself into some of the sci-fi series'...