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Alanna Masterson, Ross Marquand & Seth Gilliam Bickering Over Whose ‘Walking Dead’ Character is the Sketchiest Will Make Your Day

*This post does contain spoilers for Season 8 of The Walking Dead* Walker Stalker Convention overtook London this weekend, where many cast members-old and new-from The Walking Dead were able to reunite. Alanna Masterson (Tara), Ross Marquand (Aaron), and Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) joined fans for a panel where they talked in depth about what's to come for their characters on the show. With Alexandria in the rearview mirror, our final glimpses of the quaint sanctuary the group called home came last week as Rick and Michonne drove off after burying...
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‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Are Sharing the Love on Social Media After “Honor”

*This post contains spoilers from season 8 of The Walking Dead. * A lot has changed on The Walking Dead over the years, but one thing that has always remained the same is the idea that the cast and crew, and even the fans, are all one big family. They're all extremely close on and off the set, so when a character meets their untimely death on the show, it's the people who they worked with every day that truly feel the loss of their departure. This rings overwhelmingly true when it comes to...
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