A truly fun experience!

Our Weekend at FACTS Convention in Belgium!

Published on October 26th, 2016 | Updated on October 26th, 2016 | By FanFest

It’s been years that I tried to go to this convention and I finally could. It wasn’t how I thought it would be, but everything turns out fine with some good company! I’m here to tell you what I saw and what I experienced on the con.

When we came inside, they had this great entrance. It was very well made and they did it with some extra drama of course! There was this very dramatic tune on the background and we were welcomed with this view:



I loved this so much that I immediately snapped a picture of this!


Second of all: cosplays! Like most people know, I’m in for a good cosplay. FACTS is a really good convention for cosplayers and there were some people that even did group cosplays. Believe me, it was even better than you imagined! Check out this amazing Game of Thrones cosplay team:



It was very impressive, they had sounds and all. Congratulations to the team that did this the whole day!


There was also a guy that had Hogwarts on his head. Before you ask ‘how is this possible?’ just look at the picture I took. That must have been so heavy! It looked heavy, but oh, so awesome.

This convention wasn’t just for the grownups that wanted to play dress up. It was for complete families, kids included! Look at this happy family and their awesome cosplays:

Best family portrait ever, don’t you think?
Of course there were a lot of DC Comic cosplays. Which we totally love! This man, I think, I even saw him at Comic Con Brussels back in March.

I loved this Riddler because he memorized riddles to ask to people. He was really into character and he deserves some more love on Instagram! Don’t forget about this lovely Harley of course! Her cosplay costume was provided by @ravenstarcosplay on Instagram!

BUT, the cosplay that stole my heart, was this lady on Instagram.


Personally this has always been my favorite type of Catwoman and she did an amazing cosplay.


Even if it was packed with people and not easy to walk around at times, we really did made some fun this weekend (and probably bought too much).


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