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Oscars Ratings Up from 26.5 Million to 29.6 Million Viewers

Published on February 25th, 2019 | Updated on February 25th, 2019 | By FanFest

For years the Academy Awards have been the event that all movie lovers gathers around their television to watch. We attempt to see all the films nominated instead of merely the films for best picture. In many ways we desire to be able to check off the roles and determine who will win in the various categories that the Oscars offer. This year was no different, but without a host we all found ourselves wondering how these Oscars would fare with past Oscar ceremonies.

According to Deadline the Oscars went up 3.1 points from the previous year when The Shape of Water took home the Oscar home for Best Picture. This year’s Oscars scored 29.6 million viewers and a 7.7 rating among adults ranging from 18-49. This is the first increase in ratings and viewers since the decline in the Academy Awards that started in 2015. From looking over the statistics of the Oscar ratings of the 21st century against whom the hosts were I have found a connection.

Some of the highest rated hosts are hosts that we have seen host numerous award shows over the years. This includes Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, and Whoopi Goldberg. However, Ellen DeGeneres and Chris Rock break that mold as they both scored over forty million viewers a piece as well. The last time the showed scored over forty million views was back in 2014 when DeGeneres hosted and 12 Years a Slave won Best Picture. While the data presents no true correlation I find myself curious if going back to DeGeneres would bring the Academy the numbers they desire again.

Nothing particularly stands out as a reason an increase of numbers occurred between this year and last year’s ceremony but one thing is certain. If the Oscars choose a host for next year’s ceremony, they should consider Tina Fey, Amy Adams, and Maya Rudolph. As far as presentations go they were some of the finest of the night and I would love to see what the three of them could truly accomplish if they allowed these ladies the time frame the Oscars provide to all its hosts.

We also must think of the many other comedians and late night hosts that have yet to host the ceremony. Busy Philipps, Chelsea Handler, Conan O’Brien, or Aziz Ansari are some of the people I could see hosting the event. Hosts from the past could also return and make the evening a success that the show was once before. Can the Academy reach 55.25 viewers as the show once did back in 1998? One must also wonder if there’s a chance that Kevin Hart and the academy will ever come together again and audiences will see what Hart could have done this year if given the opportunity.

Only time will tell if the increase in ratings is a fluke this year or if viewers are finally tuning into the Oscars once more. What is something that you want to see from future hosts of the show? Did you enjoy the Oscars with or without a host better? Let us know in the comments below.

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