Production Wraps on ‘Orange is the New Black’

I remember back in 2013 everyone I knew kept talking about one show. Orange is the New Black. Oddly enough this was not a show on a network, but rather the show was the first show on Netflix. The crazier part? The entire season was offered at once and the television experience as viewers knew it changed forever. In many ways that is what makes seeing a particular tweet yesterday about the show so sad.

While the announcement came last year that this upcoming season of the show would be its last, viewers continually tune in the day Netflix releases each new season and use most of their weekends to binge watch the entire season. Although the show has changed drastically from the initial first season, the show is still worth binge watching. My desire to know how the storylines are tied up has me debating on not making plans the weekend season seven arrives on the streaming service.

After all, we have been through a lot with the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary over the past six seasons. We have felt their pain, their heartbreak, and remained hopeful that most of them would eventually walk out of their prison cells and into the fresh air one day. This past season has made the dream of some of these ladies eventually getting out of prison a moot point. Hopefully the show will fix some of these particular scenarios and those ladies will get out of prison early for such an error.
Fans of the show will miss the ladies of Litchfield, but something tells me that they are going to miss us just as much.

Viewers can tell how tight knit the actors have become over the past six years while filming together from the photographs above. They truly are a family at this point and hopefully more behind-the-scenes photos will emerge over the next couple of days. Until then all fans can do is wait for a release date for the final season of a show that has become a staple in our lives.

What will you miss the most about Orange is the New Black? Which ladies do you feel will attain a release from prison by the end of the season? What storylines are you looking forward to seeing wrapped up the most? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.