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Miley Cyrus Comes Full Circle with a Stunning Performance of ‘Malibu’ on the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Published on May 22nd, 2017 | Updated on May 22nd, 2017 | By FanFest

Miley Cyrus has certainly gone through an amazing transformation when it comes to her style and her music. Sunday night, at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, we got to see a new, mature and reformed side of Miley that we have never seen before.

During the awards show, Miley gave the first televised performance of her brand new song Malibu.  In recent interviews, she has opened up about the meaning behind the song and her inspiration for it.  No surprise there, the song was written about her rekindled relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

The song has a much more subdued sound to it, which is quite different from what we are used to seeing from Miley over the past several years.  In addition to the new tune being about her relationship with Liam, it is also symbolic of her new sober lifestyle, which she also has spoken of very candidly in recent interviews.

All in all, this new song symbolizes a new beginning for Miley.  A new start.  Miley 2.o, if you will.

Her performance was introduced by her sister Noah and her father Billy Ray Cyrus who were just absolutely adorable.  You could see just how proud they are of Miley, her accomplishments and her new found stability.

Miley’s voice truly sounded beautiful.  Her song, Malibu, shows Miley returning to a bit of her country roots for inspiration and clearly is an emotional song to perform for her.  Towards the end of the performance, she actually got choked up and was visibly tearing up while singing the lyrics, “I want to thank you with all of my heart.  It’s a brand new start.”

It certainly is a brand new start and a brand new Miley!  Check out her extremely touching and stunning vocal performance below:

  Source: Hellogiggles/Uproxx

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