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‘Mayans MC’ Update: The Future Looks Bright for the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Spinoff

Published on August 9th, 2017 | Updated on August 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

It hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride for the Sons of Anarchy spinoff Mayans MC.  Series creator Kurt Sutter has been working diligently to develop the upcoming series and fans are chomping at the bit to return to the world of the outlaw motorcycle clubs they fell in love with during the first series.

Sutter and his team ran into some issues last month and it was reported that drastic changes were being made to the developing series including reshoots and also recasting of some of the main actors involved.  Sutter himself commented on this new explaining this was common and was the same process he followed during Sons of Anarchy.  Sutter had tweeted, “This was the process for SOA. Shows Fox/FX’s commitment to series. Allows me and Elgin to improve cast, script, and direction! #MayansMC”

Anyone who familiar with Sutter’s work knows that he’s a perfectionist and, if something’s not working, he’s going to do whatever it takes, even if it means starting over, in order to make things right.  Regardless, news of the reshoots and recasting rattled fans and news outlets as this was interpreted as certain doom for the series.

However, fans can now breathe easy knowing that a promo was shown during the Television Critics Association (TCA) executive sessions this month so, it certainly sounds like things are coming together.  In fact, it sounds like the series is a near certainty to be picked up!  When asked if this was a sign of good things to come for the series, FX CEO John Landgraf commented by saying, “It’s a good sign.  I’m really excited where we are in the process on Mayans.”I’m very confident about the future of the spinoff.”

How great is it to hear that?

The pilot for Mayans MC (a reoccurring MC club on the original SOA series) is set to take place after the events which occurred in the Sons of Anarchy finale.  The series will follow Mayans prospect EZ Reyes through his struggles and desire for revenge against the drug cartel while attempting to earn the respect from the women he loves.  The series will be directed by Norberto Barba (Grimm, The Strain, Preacher) who is also acting as executive producer.

Source: Deadline


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