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Matt Damon Auditioned For Robin Twice!

Matt Damon is a huge celebrity these days, everyone knows him. Whether it be from huge roles in The Bourne Identity or his smaller cameo roles in Thor: Ragnarok, people know him. Matt Damon is actually returning to Thor in Thor: Love And Thunder but did you know Matt Robin auditioned for Robin twice?

That’s right, Matt Damon was almost a DC star before anyone really know who he was. At least, that’s what he told Collider in an interview. It’s strange to think of a world where Matt Damon might have been Batman’s sidekick!

You know what else is incredibly funny about this story? That’s not the only time he was almost in a Batman film. Matt Damon was almost in The Dark Knight as Harvey Dent. Unfortunate, due to scheduling issues he wouldn’t have been able to take the part.

Matt Damon auditioned for Robin not once, but twice. Once for Batman from Tim Burton and another time for Batman Forever. Here’s what the actor had to say about it when he spoke to Collider.

“There’s two stories there. There’s the Robin role, we went down to New York. 1987 maybe, ’87, 88′. I would have been 16 or 17. I remember that we didn’t have sides, it wasn’t like you’re reading a scene with Batman. It was so secretive that you’re reading this other scene from some other movie. Chris O’Donnell already had the part, but they were haggling over money. The studio was flexing, basically, by flying in two other people to screen test. They wanted Chris, but they just wanted him for a price. I remember at that stage in my career, you would go in and read, even if you knew you weren’t going to get the part.”

Who knows where Matt Damon would be now if he’d gotten the role of the Boy wonder? Matt Damon auditioned for Robin twice, and didn’t get it either time. It’s not a big deal, though. He obviously did alright for himself.

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