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‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ (PS4) Swings to Comics in a New Series

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s final DLC, Silver Linings, featuring the return of the formidable Silver Sable is slowly approaching. Additionally, Marvel has released some more good news as well as more content surrounding Insomniac’s critically acclaimed PS4 game, which will be added to their newly dubbed ‘Marvel Gamerverse’ – currently limited to Funko Pop Vinyls and an array of Action figures.

Marvel Comics Executive Director, Bill Rosemann took to Twitter to announce the new series to True Believers as well as to share his excitement for the upcoming project.

In March 2019, Marvel is releasing a new six-issue series that looks to re-tell the story from the game. City at War will include new stories originally excluded from the game and feature behind-the-scenes content with every issue, giving fans a better look at the creation of the game.

Much like the story from the game, the new series will center on Peter Parker and his mission to put down Wilson Fisk and his crime syndicate, as well as the rise of Mister Negative and his Demons. In terms of the new additional stories, it is highly likely that we will see more of Yuri, Miles, MJ, and perhaps more details around the game’s biggest surprise.

As a re-telling, it would also be interesting to see how this series links to the new DLC’s that have already been released. Maybe a surprise Black Cat appearance? Or a subtle tease to Hammerhead, the crime lord antagonist of the second DLC.

City of War is being written by Dennis Hopeless who is known for his work on Spider-Woman, Cable and X-Force, and Jean Grey. The art for the series is being done by the talented Michelle Bandini who has worked on titles such as X-Men: Gold, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Mighty Captain Marvel.

The front cover of issue 1 was designed by Clayton Crain- but multiple variants by Tim Tsang, David Nakayama, Gerardo Sandoval, and Adi Granov will follow shortly after the release of the first issue.

'Marvel's Spider-Man' (PS4) Swings to Comics in a New Series
Credit to Marvel Comics. Cover by Clayton Crain.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news around this new series scheduled for March 2019, and get ready for the final DLC which will be released on December 21st. Read more about Marvel’s Spider-Man final DLC here.

Source: IGN