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‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’s’ Final DLC web-swings to PS4 on December 21st

Published on December 14th, 2018 | Updated on December 18th, 2018 | By FanFest

Awesome news true believers! The last piece (barring any surprises) of downloadable content for Marvel’s SpiderMan will swing into action December 21st! Excelsior!

Titled ‘Silver Linings’, our previously absent frenemy Silver Sable will make her return. She is back to retrieve tech stolen from Sable International. According to PlayStation Blog, the DLC will feature new missions, new enemies, and some other upgrades. There will also be new trophies and challenges, and the most exciting part, the suits!

Mine and many players favorite part of the game has been the variety of cool suits Insomniac Games has carefully chosen to add. The new suits include Cyborg Spider-Man, the Aaron Aikman Armor design, and most importantly, the Into The SpiderVerse suit! That’s right, in a partnership with Sony Pictures the newest addition to the Spider-Man cinematic universe will be right at your fingertips.

I can’t wait to see Into The Spider-Verse and I can’t wait to use the suit! (Photo credit to Insomniac Games)

‘Silver Linings’ will be $9.99 and is pre-orderable on PlayStation Store. If you have not picked up any of the other post-launch content, grabbing The City That Never Sleeps pack for $24.99 will get you caught up, as this is the last part of a three part series. If you have not picked up Marvel’s SpiderMan, I have to ask what in the world you are doing? Go get it! And grab the deluxe version for $79.99 so you get the game and all three add-ons.

While I have not played the DLC, Marvel’s SpiderMan is an absolute joy. It is everything I have ever wanted out of a Spider-Man game, even surpassing Treyarch’s incredible SpiderMan 2. It has a completely original storyline, an inspired performance by Yuri Lowenthal (Sasuke in ‘Naruto’) as Peter Parker, and will build an emotional connection with you through polished gameplay and well developed relationships between characters. Do yourself a favor, just buy it.

Have you finished Marvels Spider-Man? If so, have you finished the first two chapters? Tell us about it down below in the comments!


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as seen on promo graphic