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Loki: Marvel Studios Says Representation Is Of The Utmost Importance!

Published on July 9th, 2021 | Updated on July 9th, 2021 | By FanFest

Loki broke some serious ground when it aired its third episode a few weeks ago. In it, they revealed that Tom Hiddleston‘s Loki is actually bisexual! He is the first MCU character to come out like that, which is pretty awesome! Marvel studios says representation is of the utmost importance!

There’s also been a lot of talk of Loki being genderfluid, which is pretty exciting as well! It seems like Loki’s identity isn’t quite set in stone, which makes sense for the formerly villainous trickster! I mean, he’s currently romantically interested in an alternate version of himself. Who knows what to expect!?

Going forward, we think Marvel Studios will expand its cast of LGBTQ+ characters, and Kevin Feige seems completely on board with it. Rotten Tomatoes released a video featuring Feige, discussing why this is so important.

“Representation is important across the board, and the comics have charted, you know, charts the path in almost all ways for what we do in the MCU, and in the comics, there are many LGBTQ characters and we want to showcase that on the screen as well. We want to bring those characters to life on the screen. We also, as Stan Lee used to say, ‘Marvel represents the world outside your window.’ And outside of your window, there are all different types of people in all different types of places with all different types of preferences and we want that reflected in the MCU, and in our fictional world as it is in our real world. So it is of utmost importance that when people go in and see one of our films or log into Disney+ and watch one of our series, it represents the true world outside their window when it comes to the types of people portraying the heroes and the characters.”

You can check out the video above!

Everyone seems to be loving this Loki news, including the director of the series Kate Herron. She went on Twitter to comment on it, and how important it was to her as well. We’re going to go ahead and put that tweet down below too!

Loki will air its final episode on July 14th. Black Widow was released on the 9th, so it’s been an amazing time to be a Marvel fan! We also just found out that Marvel’s What If…? is coming out this August, so pretty much everything is coming up Millhouse!

Marvel Studios says representation is of the utmost importance, and I agree! Bring on all the diversity! As long as it makes sense!

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