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Joker Origin Film in the Works With ‘Hangover’ Director Todd Phillips

Published on August 22nd, 2017 | Updated on August 22nd, 2017 | By FanFest

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are preparing to take a deep dive into the origins of The Joker.

It was announced on Tuesday that director Todd Phillips (The Hangover) is said to be in talks to co-write an origin film for the Batman supervillain.  In addition to Phillips, it is also being said that Martin Scorsese will be involved in the film though the details surrounding his role is currently unknown.  Scott Silver (8 Mile) is also reportedly on board as a co-writer on the film.

According to Deadline, the story won’t be part of any other iteration of the character but may focus on a younger version of the Joker.  Perhaps we’ll even get to see the person behind the madness!

It is said that the film will take place in the early 80s in gritty Gotham City but will be more of a crime-driven drama rather than a comic book film.  The thought is that this film may feel more like say, a Scorsese film rather than a DC film.

The Joker origin story will be the first film released under the new, yet to be named, banner which will expand the original content relationship between Warner Bros. and DC.

The Joker was most recently portrayed by Jared Leto in Warner Bros. and DC’s Suicide Squad and he will likely be reprising that role in the film’s sequel.  He will not be cast as the Joker in the origin story, however, there is no word yet on if Leto will have any other type of involvement with the film.

What are your thoughts on a Joker origin story?  How do you feel about Phillips, Scorsese, and Silver being involved with the film?  Who would you want to see cast as a young Joker?   Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!


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