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Johnny Depp’s Appearance at Cannes Turned into an Unfortunate Debacle

Published on May 29th, 2023 | Updated on May 29th, 2023 | By FanFest

Johnny Depp‘s Presence at Cannes: A Chaotic Start to the Film Festival

CANNES, France—On the first day of the Cannes Film Festival, all conversations revolved around one name: Johnny Depp. Despite the excitement surrounding films by renowned directors like Martin Scorsese and the anticipation for Indiana Jones, Depp became the center of attention.

The festival chose to screen Jeanne du Barry as its opening night film, marking Depp’s return to the screen after his highly publicized defamation trial with Amber Heard. The questions arose: Would Depp attend? Would fans show up? Would controversy follow? Unfortunately, the answers were affirmative.

The baggage surrounding Jeanne du Barry, directed, starring, and co-written by French actress Maïwenn, added to the tension. Depp’s legal battles with Heard over allegations of abuse and the resulting media scrutiny were still fresh. Additionally, there were reports of Depp clashing with Maïwenn on set due to his lateness, escalating tensions between them.

Maïwenn, too, has her own problematic history, having admitted to spitting in the face of an investigative journalist. Her dismissive attitude towards the allegations against Depp further raised eyebrows. Questions about the festival’s decision to feature Jeanne du Barry became a topic of discussion among festival attendees.

Despite these controversies, Depp’s arrival at the red carpet was met with excitement from fans and media attention. However, his role in the movie itself was underwhelming. Speaking mostly in French, Depp’s portrayal of Louis XV lacked personality and depth, with minimal dialogue and a secondary role compared to Maïwenn’s lead performance as Jeanne du Barry.

Why Is Johnny Depp’s Career Bouncing Back In A Way Amber Heard’s Is Not?

The film, from a Depp perspective, offered little substance. However, as a Maïwenn project, it presented a unique perspective. While showcasing Jeanne’s rise through intelligence and sexuality, the film also portrayed other female characters in a negative light, contributing to a questionable narrative and Maïwenn’s lack of support for the #MeToo movement.

Politically, the movie was problematic, with scenes that raised concerns of racism and a dismissive attitude towards historical conflicts. Despite these issues, the premiere audience seemed to embrace the film, leading to a standing ovation.

However, the chaos continued off-screen. Depp’s absence at the press conference and photocall raised eyebrows. When he finally arrived, he responded defensively to questions, veering off-topic with bizarre jokes and lengthy speeches. He addressed the Hollywood boycott claims but expressed his detachment from the industry.

Although Depp’s presence at Cannes received applause, he made it clear that he didn’t consider it a comeback. Instead, he believed people had stopped calling him due to their own fears, asserting that he had been “sitting around.” Despite mixed reactions, he still enjoyed celebrity status in France.

As the festival unfolds, the focus should be on the films rather than the controversies surrounding Depp. Let’s appreciate the art and leave personal judgments aside.

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