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Jeff Goldblum on The Grandmaster’s ‘Infinity War’ Fate

Published on June 9th, 2018 | Updated on June 9th, 2018 | By FanFest

When fans sat in the theater to watch Avengers: Infinity War, most were reduced to tears at some point in the film. For us, there were multiple points in the movie that had us pulling tissues out of our bag.

There were poignant moments between both old friends and strangers who became them. There were also moments of fear and it was hard to watch our favorite heroes struggle with this evil that was hellbent on finding a balance, no matter what the cost.

While many heroes joined in the fight against Thanos, some MCU favorites weren’t on screen through the film. That meant that when Thanos snapped with the Gauntlet full of Infinity Stones, and we saw the characters dissipate, we didn’t know what happened to everyone.

What happened to those not in the film at all? What happened to those who we lost sight of just before the snap? Of course, we won’t get those answers until Avengers 4 hits theaters next year, but we do have an idea about one larger than life MCU figure.

Thor: Ragnarok brought with it a lot of laughs, a vibe unlike any other MCU film, and some characters we fell in love with instantly. One of which was the Grandmaster. Jeff Goldblum played the role with a sense of grandeur and style. While he wasn’t part of Infinity War, fans were concerned that he might have been included in the unlucky ‘half’ of existence who didn’t survive Thano’s snap.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Goldblum told fans we need not worry. You simply can’t kill the Grandmaster.

‘Grandmaster is more superheroed than all of them put together. You can’t kill me, I’m like a vampire.  I’m deathless and I can kill people by looking at them. Or I can resurrect them just by looking at them and thinking of them. I can do everything.’

What a relief!

You can see Thor: Ragnarok streaming on Netflix, now.


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