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Jake Abel to Return in ‘Supernatural’s’ Final Season

Published on July 23rd, 2019 | Updated on July 23rd, 2019 | By FanFest

In episode 200, “Fan Fiction“, characters who are producing a Supernatural musical poke fun that Adam (Jake Abel) is still in the cage. Much like every other fan that is a part of the SPNFamily. We have been dying to know whatever happened to Adam Milligan? What happened to you don’t leave family behind?  Although Adam is a half brother of the Winchesters, Jack receives more preferential treatment in the show than Adam! However, it appears fans might finally gain the answer they have desired since the end of season five.

Jake Abel will return as Adam Milligan in the upcoming and final season of Supernatural. Jensen Ackles agrees with the numerous fans of the years asking the question. What happened to Adam? “I think a lot of people are wondering about the Adam aspect of it — being locked in the cage, does that cage open up? Does Jake come back and reprise his role? There are a lot of opportunities to go a lot of different places, and that’s what I’m excited about.” While some hope Adam would return alongside Lucifer’s return there was no indication he was in the same cage.

Adam became the vessel for Michael, originally intended for Dean.  He has certainly received the raw end of the deal that encompasses being John Winchester’s son. The question is how will they reintroduce Adam to the show? My prediction is that he stands the chance of becoming one of the Winchester’s foes this season. After all, the abandonment from ten seasons ago is real from them never looking back. Maybe he will become a pawn in God’s game. Maybe Adam will do what the Winchesters claim they cannot anymore.

Jake Abel’s tweet provides more fuel for the fire.

The question is one that the fans have assumed for quite some time.  Though there are theories around the internet that Adam went to heaven.  Castiel’s explanation to Claire in “Angel Heart” has many believing that Adam’s soul is in heaven.  Castiel explains that once a vessel is damaged beyond repair the soul passes on.  Considering that we watch Adam set ablaze, despite watching him fall into the cage with Sam, his soul very well could be in heaven.  However, this begs one question.  Why have ever never seen Adam in heaven?  Were they waiting until this moment?  Will a huge reunion take place with Mary, John, Adam, Sam, and Dean?  We could debate many theories at this point. I like the thought that Chuck would use him as a weapon.

Although only time will tell if Adam remained in hell or his soul ascended to heaven, Supernatural comes back on Thursday, October 10th for it’s the fifteenth and final season.

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