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Injury On The Flash Set Halts Filming For The Movie! Batman Involved!

Published on July 29th, 2021 | Updated on July 29th, 2021 | By FanFest

The upcoming The Flash film has been filming in the U.K for some time now, but it looks like things could be going better. There’s been an injury on the The Flash set, which has halted all production on the movie. We don’t have too many details as of right now, but we sincerely hope that everyone is okay and safe. After all, we don’t want anything to happen to the people making these awesome movies we all love.

The little we do know makes it sound like Batman was somehow involved in whatever happened! Okay, not exactly Batman, but the Batcycle. It sounds like a film was being filmed that involved Ben Affleck’s Batman, and unfortunately a camera operator was injured. Reports indicate he may have fallen off and ended up under one of the vehicles. We hope he’s okay!

Here’s what Glasgow Live had to say:

Reports suggest the camera operator was on a motorcycle shooting Batman from behind while travelling at speed down Renfield Street, before he collided with the stunt double and went under the Batcycle…

One eyewitness told Glasgow Live: “The camera man on a bike was chasing the Batman motorbike and went under it”.

The eyewitness also informed us that the crew clapped as the ambulance then left the scene, suggesting the crew member was taken to hospital.

We still haven’t seen or heard anything from Warner Bros. nor have we gotten a statement from the cast or crew. We’re currently in the dark but know production has been paused for now. They’re probably assessing the situation. Consequently, this also means we have no idea how long the film will be shut down for, but hopefully it is nothing but good news heading forward.

We’re really sad to hear about the injury on The Flash set, and hope everyone recovers well!

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