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Harry Potter 2020 Book Night Announced

Published on August 1st, 2019 | Updated on August 1st, 2019 | By FanFest

It was Harry Potter’s 39th birthday yesterday and J.K. Rowling’s 54th birthday. People from all over the world celebrated Harry Potter’s legacy through tweets, Instagram posts, fan art, and simply by sharing their favourite memories.

But the celebration doesn’t have to end.

Something incredibly exciting is coming and you can get involved.

For a sixth year, Harry Potter Book Night will be returning on Thursday 6th February 2020.

Image via Bloomsbury

The theme this year will be The Triwizard Tournament. Previous themes include Hogwarts, Fantastic Beasts, Professors of Hogwarts and Spells.

As all Potter fans will know, The Triwizard Tournament was pivotal during The Goblet of Fire. The Students of Hogwarts and other competing schools took part in a series of perilous challenges:

  • Retrieve a golden egg from a Dragon’s nest
  • Rescue important ones from Merpeople in Hogwarts’ lake
  • Navigate a maze and find the Triwizard cup

The Triwizard Tournament will be at the heart of this years Book Night. Last years Book Night saw the highest registration since the events premiere in 2015. Not only was the kit downloaded 16,000 times but worldwide registration increased by 43%.

Once again, fans of all ages are invited to celebrate Harry Potter.

You can register for an event kit that will be filled with amazing activities, celebration ideas, and practical resources just for you. With this kit you’ll have everything you need to host a night full of fun and games.

Sign up at to register for an event kit and for all the latest Harry Potter Book Night news.

Will you be taking part this year? please share your ideas and plans for Harry Potter Book Night in the comments and share them on Twitter and Facebook using #HarryPotterBookNight.

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