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‘Gotham’ season 3: ‘Look into My Eyes’ Episode Clips Released

Published on October 2nd, 2016 | Updated on October 2nd, 2016 | By FanFest

This episode seems to get better and better by the day that we are getting new glimpses of episode 3 that is called ‘Look into My Eyes’. We’ve got 4 clips that have been released by Fox on top of the full trailer we got with a good look at Benedict Samuel. Take a look:


The first one is exactly what the title of it says. Bruce Wayne’s doppelganger is fighting Alfred. But this is just because Bruce insisted Alfred would practice with the doppelganger. He seems to be pretty skilled at fighting and he didn’t even know it! He doesn’t even seem to feel pain, which is pretty weird.


Penguin sure doesn’t waste any time! He is winning the hearts of the people of Gotham and he is announcing his candidacy as Mayor of Gotham. I have a pretty good feeling he will win this thing. Especially how he is winning over the people of Gotham.


Alice’s landlord shouldn’t have done that. He shouldn’t have tried to kiss her. Now we know why. I have a feeling that this season of Gotham will have a very dark turn.


Meet doctor Mario, Lee Thompkins’ fiancé! If it wasn’t already awkward that the doctor knew he was a doctor, he starts talking about Lee. He loves her very much and takes good care of her. I don’t like the laugh that Jim Gordon puts up at the end. I have a theory but it’s too early to tell someone about it. He said ‘if you ever were to hurt her, I’ll have to hunt you down and kill you’ and ends it with that full smile. What does this mean!?


We will all know when this episode of Gotham airs tomorrow night on Fox!



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