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Good News Wednesday: Pandas Find Moment Alone to Have Baby with Covid-19 Zoo Shutdown

The shutdown of the economy, businesses, parks, and other activities has been difficult on everyone.  However, the shutdown of a zoo in South Korea due to Covid-19 may have benefited some of its residents.  Without the glaring eyes of onlookers, a Giant Panda gave birth to a baby in peace.

A Chinese giant panda gave birth at the Everland amusement park in South Korea on July 20. The park says it’s the first panda born in the country. Watch the video below, as Mom tries to clean her baby as the little one squirms around.

According to the Good News Network, the privacy and park shutdown assited in giving the two Panda-parents some additional ‘alone time.’ The cub weighed in at 7 ounces, and the zoo reported both mother and baby appear to be healthy and comfortable. It will take between 5—6 months for the panda cub to learn to climb and eat bamboo. After that, it will be available to be viewed by the public.

In the wild, pandas live solitary lives, and, like humans, can be very choosy when it comes to mating. Furthermore, females usually give birth to only one cub at a time, and there is only one period during the year — lasting only a few days, when females can conceive.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Good News Network

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