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‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Pick Your Poison’

Published on March 25th, 2019 | Updated on March 25th, 2019 | By FanFest

Unlike last week, I thought we had a slight reprieve when it came to the chaos surrounding Beth, Annie, and Ruby. Then Mary Pat’s child had to open his mouth. I’m still in disbelief and shocked by the revelation before Agent Turner. This was not the only time in the episode that left me stunned. Even though tensions have been building for weeks, fans of the show who have rooted for a particular pairing have received their wish. Although, the tensions have unraveled, the chaos remains and the madness has only just begun.

Beth makes it abundantly clear she wants nothing to do with Rio’s kingdom anymore. The keys mean nothing to her and in many ways we can tell that she wants to go back to what she deems a normal mother. She is taking her time once more with packing the kid’s lunches and making characters much like something we would see on Pinterest. She is so much more than that even though she might doubt such a fact initially. She realizes such as viewers see the disappointment written all over her face upon discovering Dean looks at her as merely a housewife. She’s good at what she manages to bring to the table and he is too, which is why she would never tell her how to do her job.

However if it were not for Beth, their household would be in upheaval once more. The Boland household is on shaky ground and each time I think that Dean has managed to pull himself out of the hole he has dug he makes it worse. When Beth gives him some of the money for the car lot it is because she truly has no other choice. The plan to wash the money once more by buying and returning items becomes thwarted upon the stores discovering their motives and banning them from shopping there anymore. How are they going to dig themselves out of trouble this time?

When Beth gives him money from the storage unit to invest in the car dealership he does so in two ways. A giant inflatable to draw attention to the car lot and on sporty cars while neglecting an entire demographic. A demographic that our favorite ladies slay while assisting at the dealership. This gives Beth ideas that will help her own family as well as the car lot thrive. Why merely focus on sports cars? Why not focus on the mom demographic? She realizes this after Dean dismisses a sale with a woman at the dealership that she had practically sold a car to. One that met her needs, not one with a ton of horsepower she wasn’t interested in.

Despite attempting to discuss this with him afterward, Beth discovers she needs more. She needs someone to view her as more. She deserves that much in life. When she makes eyes with Rio at a local bar, where she is having drinks with Dean, she goes to the bathroom. Despite believing Dean can provide for his family and that he can satisfy Beth he cannot. Although the couple make jokes about Beth’s book club, Dean knows the true meaning. They know what she has done. Dean reminds her almost weekly now that Rio shot him. He even resists taking the money at first but ravels in it upon seeing what new inventory that it can bring in for him.

Upon discovering she needs more she gives into the sexual tension that was building from the moment she met Rio. She gives into him in the bathroom and allows him to have his way with her. I want to disagree with her actions, but honestly after Dean’s actions last night I can understand her not feeling as if she has any worth. The truth is she should not have to fight so hard to feel wanted. The main place she has felt truly wanted is with Rio. Plus it’s also hard to be angry she went this far when Dean cheated on her first.

Meanwhile, Annie discovers how much Boomer was doing for his grandmother. However, she slowly discovers the unthinkable making us hate Boomer a little more. The landlord is about to evict Boomer’s grandmother because Boomer was stealing from her. He had not bothered paying her rent in the past year and upon Annie starting to take care of her, she realizes how horrible her grandson has been over the years. She also realizes that he might not be back anytime soon, not because he is dead but because he stole from her all those years.

Seeing Annie’s assist to Boomer’s grandmother and Ruby paying off the debt at the pay day loan store were some of my favorite moments this episode. I have never been a fan of those stores, nor title loans. Part of that reason is they always assume that people will get desperate enough to go back and get those loans. I understand the need to attain the money somehow, but I’m glad she could tell this guy off. I’m glad she could pass out money as she was leaving to those in need. Ruby made my inner twenty-something beyond pleased as well as others in need.

Finally, by the end of the episode and everything going presumably well for everyone, sans Annie’s breakup with Gregg, audiences discover that Rio has taken back the remaining money in the storage unit. Rio completely wrecks the yellow vet after sneaking into the dealership. He no longer wants out because of Dean’s involvement. Rio’s jealously shines through as he takes it out on the vet, increasing his cut of the money for the duration of his outburst. The Bolands now have a 60/40 split not in their favor merely because Beth did not want him to destroy more of their inventory and Dean has yet to step up against Rio.

This is not the worst thing to happen in last night’s episode though. Oh no. Mary Pat invited Agent Turner in and of course as we all know an impatient child is never good. Plus, we say and do stupid things when we are hungry and this is no different. It’s actually worse in a child’s eyes. Though I’d like to think none of us have ever implicated our mother in murder! How could you mouth off to Mary Pat? Why did you have to say that the popsicles aren’t in the deep freezer because she took them out before putting daddy in there? Better question. How did he see this? I thought she was careful to make sure her kids didn’t see anything and yet now the ladies we adore are in deeper trouble than ever before. Only time will tell Mary Pat’s fate as well as our girls.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Good Girls? What moment was the most shocking? Are you Team Rio or Team Dean? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls this Sunday at 10pm EST on NBC.


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