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‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Everything Must Go’

Published on April 1st, 2019 | Updated on April 2nd, 2019 | By FanFest

Last week audiences wondered how much damage Mary Pat’s son caused and this week we are left wondering how much damage Mary Pat has caused. Our ladies cannot seem to catch a break this season! Every time they turn around their well covered tracks are discovered somehow and we are left wondering how they will get out of trouble this time. This time though I can honestly say I do not see how these ladies will not come out unscathed.

The episode starts out simple enough. I’m relieved that Ruby is continuing to tell Stan the truth. Although he repeatedly wanted to go through the night they dumped Boomer’s body, it shows how much Stan truly cares about Ruby and his family. In this moment, despite how much Stan wants to know the truth as he’s leaving, I believe he wishes that Ruby had lied to him. Despite causing more issues eventually, Ruby knows the only way to endure the chaos in her life is with Stan by her side.

Quite notably, Ruby insists that she does not want Stan to be an informant for them anymore. She does not want pen caps to go missing. She does not want him to give her a phone call, yet as soon as he learns that there’s a witness in them disposing of Boomer’s body he immediately calls Ruby. Much to the dismay of our ladies, audiences becomes disappointed in learning the witness is Mary Pat. While this does not come as a complete shock, I did not want to believe she would stoop so low to give them up after what they did for her.

The moment we start to remotely like Mary Pat she gives us a reason to hate her once more. At least when she was blackmailing them it made sense. She was trying to better the life of her children, but now she is merely trying to stay out of jail. Granted her reasons to remain out of jail for her kids also make sense I’m not remotely okay with her sending our girls up the river for a crime they did not commit. They have kids too! Plus, they got rid of a body for you woman! So while they are accomplices, I still cannot help but view Mary Pat as the show’s female Boomer and none of us asked for such a character.

This is not the only bombshell dropped though. As Ruby is explaining to Annie and Beth the situation has escalated, Stan calls with even more disturbing news. He thought everything was going well until one of the police dogs discovered a scent. The shot pans out to numerous dogs searching the landfill and Stan having to return to work. Work that could potentially put his wife in prison! The manhunt surprisingly leads to my favorite moments of the episode. Stan insists that he just needs a moment of mindless entertainment. Although the subject matter is hopefully like nothing most of us deal within our lives, the desire to escape even if for the duration of a television show is beyond valid.

Meanwhile, audiences discovers Beth’s inner fantasies, but comes back to reality with everyone who needs a piece of her time. Annie also finds herself having to shelve the talk with Sadie that the woman that Gregg cheated on Nancy with was her. We wonder if this will be the first time she lies to her daughter, but this is the least pressing issue of all the problems riddled throughout this week’s episode. After all, despite attempting to have Rio fix the situation his required payment is beyond steep. He also leaks out information that Beth had hid from the group as he teases their hook up before them.

Although Beth reminds Annie has no room to talk, an argument ensues between the sisters as this information comes to light. Ultimately Beth cannot turn back time and their new goal is to attain $200,000 for Rio to make Boomer’s body go away. To add insult to injury, Beth learns that the only way to attain the inventory to make this happen she has to go through Amber. We all remember Amber even though we do not want to. This is the woman who Dean cheated on Beth with last season. This would not be as difficult if Amber were not black balling him from purchasing cars from a local auction.

Thankfully our ladies attain the cars for inventory at the lot, but it comes at a rather steep price. A revelation that makes perfect sense upon discovering it, but disappoints us nonetheless. Amber was not the only person that Dean cheated on Beth with over the years. Despite Dean not knowing about Beth’s moment with Rio as of yet, we watch on with disdain as he admits he cheated on her four times. This is partly because he confirms that Beth is right in her thought process that she was pregnant one of those times.

Every week I think I’m going to start liking Dean at least somewhat. Then we learn more about him and how skeevy his character truly is and he gets knocked back down a peg. This is namely because he has enough gall to turn everything around on Beth. They had no had sex in two years and this is obviously all her fault. Dean needs to take credit where credit is due. If he was that unhappy he could have spoke up and let Beth know such. She clearly did not even realize it had been two years until he said something last night. Regardless the two need to realize that cheating is not the answer.

An intense scene within the show featured Agent Turner confronting Beth in the parking lot of a convenience store. If his intimidation tactics have not worked by now I’m not sure why he thinks they are magically going to work this time. After all, Beth has more to worry about. She has to unload twenty cars in one day. She does not have time to worry about whether they are going to jail.  Despite telling Dean the truth and having him unload the vets at an insanely low price, the rest of the inventory also became unloaded for cheap as well before ultimately taking over the car lot from him last night.  A fire sale to bail them out of trouble or so we thought!

As we all know when something seems simple on Good Girls it almost certainly is not! Mary Pat of course ruined my rose colored glasses last night along with all other viewers. As we have this image of Ruby and Stan sitting on a couch with their children, a gasp came from my room. Why? Because as Agent Turner is threatening Mary Pat finally, the person he should have been threatening in the first place, and she throws Stan under the bus! HOW DARE YOU MARY PAT! HOW. DARE. YOU.  Don’t ruin the world’s relationship goals in what is clearly the couple we should all strive to be in life!

If that did not seem like enough for us to take in last night, we also had to witness the disappointment written all over Sadie’s face when Annie admits to her that she is the woman that her dad cheated on her with.  It’s nothing in comparison to all the others, but another moment that struck a cord the most alongside Beth yelling out about depression to Dean.  So many great moments, yet so many that could tear our ladies worlds apart.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Good Girls? What moment struck a cord with you the most? Are you excited to see more of a partnership with Rio and Beth? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls this Sunday at 10pm EST on NBC.


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