‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘The Dubby’

Last week Good Girls left us wondering just how far Dean is willing to go to get Rio out of his life, but more importantly get Rio out of Beth’s life. This is an urge that increases for Dean this week. I’m not sure I would not have been able to resist jumping to the same conclusion as him later in the episode as he does this week. Of course if he knew the information that Beth had up her sleeve maybe he would hate Rio a little less.  Maybe. Regardless, we see the exhaustion on Dean’s face as well as Beth’s as their reversed roles are in full effect. How long will this last before Dean needs to switch back for his sanity? Better yet, how long can Beth keep up this charade without getting caught? After all, Agent Turner now has an even better inside source.

Regardless, two exhausted parents plus four kids and strain in a household will occur. Although, and a complete side note, I’m positive that the montage that opens the show this week should not have made me admire Beth’s planning skills, yet I’m slightly envious. I just have my monthly/weekly planner and she has plans on top of plans with post-its. That’s dedication right there. The only problem is the post-its are taking over her life and she realizes this during her daughter Jane’s recital. Instead of sitting down and enjoying it, she is fighting once more with Rio. It’s the same fight time and time again. She wants more money, but she refuses to deliver the product when the client wants it. For once I’m glad Rio called her on it, however I’m not pleased with her bringing the kids on the drop.


Although everything went smoothly, but what would have happened if the men they encounter later in the episode had come out during the drop or before Annie picked Beth and the kids up. With Dean exploding on her later in the episode could you have imagined what he would have done if he knew that she had taken them with her instead of figuring out an alternative. Why didn’t she ask Annie to come watch her kids instead of driving them? Would they have pitched a fit? Of course, but this would have been far better and not lead to the loss of Dubby.

For those of you who have yet to watch the episode, or needs a refresher, Dubby is Beth’s daughter’s blanket. Jane cannot sleep without this blanket, but makes sure her mother knows that the place she left her Dubby was in the creepy car that she had to drop off the other night. Although she knew she had no business going back there, Beth finds herself going to the house with both Annie and Ruby this time. Not only did she put her kids in a dangerous situation last night, but she also put our other favorite ladies in a rather questionable scenario. I’m all for the phrase ride or die, but Beth is getting to the point where she will get them all killed eventually.


These people do not care who you are Beth! They know that eventually if something happens to you they will find the next drug dealer to get their product from. Plus something tells me that Rio is not going to go down without a fight so they could easily not go through Beth but directly through Rio. Regardless, the man who answers the door gave every viewer the creeps Sunday evening. However, Beth is right about one thing. No one wants to go into his basement. EVER. Beth somehow gets them out of the situation, but we immediately wondered at what price?

Everything appears to be somewhat normal again afterward, despite Agent Turner pressing down harder on Stan to get to Ruby as he threatened in their meeting earlier in the episode. Of course it is probably not normal to tell someone off for not giving you the princess pink yarn. Then again I own cats and feel that I probably would have had a reaction similar to Beth if someone would not give up yarn because her cat needed a scarf. Your cat, Kevin, does not car what color that yarn is I promise. While Beth is fighting over whether Kevin or Jane deserves the last of the princess pink yarn, Dean has to make a phone call to everyone else that no parent wants to make. Jane is missing.


Upon arriving home Beth learns that her daughter is missing through a fight that both Dean and Beth have. They of course blame each other instead of banding together to go look for her child. Dean blames Rio, and Beth immediately blames the people that her and Rio sold the drugs too. After all, they took the wallets from our favorite ladies! While Annie and Ruby wait at Beth’s home, Dean and Stan are out hunting for Jane. Stan realizes that Dean knows a lot more than he thought, but still does not want to talk to him about potentially taking out Rio. Stan’s in too deep just for stealing the pen cap as it is but obviously he cannot admit that.

Jane’s disappearance leads to the second conversation with Rio in this week’s episode. A conversation far worse than the one before. While Rio has always been blunt with Beth, he continues to point out the obvious to her this episode. Beth IS a drug dealer. Going outside the realm of a simple drop will get her killed. In that particular line of work even though she’s a mother that facet of her means nothing to most people. Despite knowing that what Rio yelled at her is right, she still finds herself feeling hopeless. She wants her daughter back and no one can fault her for that. However, Annie has drama of her own going on right now with Sadie so she has to rush back to her apartment to deal with her own daughter.


Meanwhile, Ruby takes advantage of the situation and realizes that it is now or never to find something on Beth that Agent Turner can use. Knowing that he is trying to help her and Stan means nothing if he keeps threatening her for not attaining the information on Beth that he needs. Just when she loses all hope she will find anything, Ruby discovers Beth’s Book Club calendar in her underwear drawer. The calendar is not Ruby’s only find though. As she hears a noise in a closet down the hall, she opens it to realize that Jane has been inside the house the entire time. After all, she cannot cross the street so how is she supposed to really run away?

In an episode full of ups and downs for each character, the good news is that nothing happened to Jane. However, something may happen to Rio in the upcoming weeks if Dean has anything to say about this. Dean becoming a stay at home dad is the worst scenario for Rio.  Despite constantly taking care of the kids, Dean has managed to have more time to think. He is meeting the right people in the most unexpected places and learning as much from his son’s defense teacher as his son. Though something tells me the teacher would not bother telling a child about his friend so easily as he did Dean. Regardless though, something tells me the upcoming last three episodes of the season are going to be intense.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Good Girls? Who did you think took Jane? Do you think Ruby will really go through with giving Agent Turner the calendar? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls this Sunday at 10pm EST on NBC.

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