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Gaming Company Tripwire CEO Steps Down After Anti-Abortion Comments

Published on September 7th, 2021 | Updated on September 7th, 2021 | By FanFest

Are you familiar with Tripwire, a video game company? Turns out I’ve played one of their games, but had honestly never heard the name before. Upon looking them up and realizing they made the Killing Floor games I was a little surprised. The Tripwire CEO has stepped down following a tweet with Anti-Abortion comments in it. Essentially, he was against women’s rights to get an abortion.

See, Texas just passed a law banning abortion after six weeks, and the drama doesn’t end there. Citizens, it seems, can sue someone who has an abortion after the specified time for $10,000 which is insane. As if things weren’t bad enough in the wake of the pandemic.

On September fourth, a few days ago, Tripwire CEO John Gibson posted to Twitter to share how he felt about the new law, and didn’t hold back. What happened after that was that all hell broke loose. It was… wild.

Here’s the tweet so you can check it out for yourselves.

Tripwire responded swiftly, and after only a couple of days. This is one example where the reprecussions were swift for Gibson, who has already stepped down as CEO, though we’re still not exactly sure what that entails.

Here is the statement put out by Tripwire as they broke the news of Gibson stepping down after the comments he shared.

We have no idea how Gibson stepping down will affect the company going forward. To be completely honest, it’s entirely possible that the damage is already done. Hundreds, even thousands of people tweeted out that they were boycotting games made by Tripwire.

It got so bad that some of the other companies working alongside Tripwire put out statements saying that they were going to cancel all contracts with the studio. A few examples of this are Shipwright Studios and Torn Banner Studios.

I still somehow suspect Gibson doesn’t regret his anti-abortion comments.

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