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Playstation 5 Is Still Impossible To Get – Gamestop Staff Being Abused

Published on April 29th, 2021 | Updated on April 29th, 2021 | By FanFest

Have you managed to get a Playstation 5 yet? Probably not, because it seems like no one has been able to get one. It’s really unfortunate because the console is actually phenomenal. What’s not phenomenal is the fact that almost nobody can find one. If not finding one wasn’t bad enough, scalpers seem to be finding tons of them. Do you know what’s really terrible? Buying a Playstation 5 and selling it for double the MSRP. You’ll never be able to convince me that it’s not a scummy move to do that. I’m sure Sony is pumping off consoles as quickly as it can, but it seems like retailer workers aren’t being treated well. It’s not their fault, but Gamestop staff is being abused. How do I know this? I work part-time at EB Games (the Canadian Gamestop, essentially). Let me tell you, it hasn’t been fun.

The drama’s been going on for months now. The initial wave of pre-orders for the PS5 was incredibly small. After that, things got messy. The consoles have been hard to get restocked, sometimes going weeks without any new consoles. To make matters worst many retailers are forcing people to buy the console as part of a bundle. You HAVE to buy a controller or game with it, pushing the amount of money needed to buy the console even higher. Throw in the fact that bots are buying all the online consoles as soon as they go live and you end up with some really frustrated customers.

Where’s My Ps5!?

I don’t know how retailers are doing it in the states, but over here we’ve actually started a “first to know list”. Essentially, when consoles come in we call the next person on the list and they have 24 hours to pick it up. The problem is we get so few consoles (no, I can’t reveal details) that at this point we’re telling people it will be over a year until we get one for them. People are starting to get incredibly pissed off. In fact, I’d say half my job is answering the phone to tell people we don’t have PS5’S. I get it, I feel for you… But we’re not hiding them in the back man, we really don’t have any.

I was one of the lucky people who managed to get one, and no it wasn’t because I work there. The staff actually didn’t get to pre-order during the first wave. Instead, my roommate waited outside the store for a couple of hours before it opened to make sure he got one. Customers used to ask me if I got one, and they would scream at me and tell me I needed to give it up so that I wasn’t a piece of sh**. I’ve been screamed at, threatened, told to kill myself, and all manner of things over the PS5. And it’s not getting better…

Don’t you think it’s sad that Gamestop staff is being abused?

I get that you guys want a PS5, but remember we have nothing to do with it! We just sell them as soon as they come into the next person on the list! If we had enough for everyone, we’d happily sell them all! Just relax a little, okay? You’ll get one eventually, I promise. Until then, try to remember that Gamestop staff are people too!

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