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‘Game of Thrones’ Review- The Queen’s Justice, But Not That Queen

Published on July 31st, 2017 | Updated on July 31st, 2017 | By FanFest

Going into last night’s episode, “The Queen’s Justice”, it was easy to believe that this was going to be a pretty large episode for Cersei. My brilliant detective work spawned mostly out of the events of last week’s episode that saw Euron Greyjoy deal Daenerys her first real defeat while also taking some of Cersei’s biggest enemies hostage, namely Ellaria Sand. The justice that was being used in the title could have been viewed as perverse or ironic but in the eyes of Cersei it would have been just, and I’m starting to wonder if that’s all that matters in this universe. Of course, the Queen in the title could also be referring to Dany who had just suffered a major defeat and was looking to regain momentum on the heels of that. Didn’t seem likely but she is the only other queen on the show… isn’t she?

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There is another! Olenna Tyrell has been known as the Queen of Thorns among the people of Westeros, and while she may not be an actual queen there is very little doubt that she served up the heftiest plate of justice last night. Like for real. Last night’s episode was important for a number of reasons, the biggest being Jon Snow and Daenerys finally meeting, but when it ended I couldn’t help but feel that Olenna Tyrell (driven by the fantastic performance of Diana Rigg) stole the show. Hands down she was the episode’s MVP and I already find myself missing her. Seriously, I watch/read a lot of stories but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character win their murder scene.

We’ve known for awhile that Olenna was responsible for the death of Joffery and her confession last night to Jamie was crushing/damning/daring/harsh and brilliant all at once. A woman with nothing to lose takes her final act in the world to continue to give the finger to those who have crossed her. Passing the knowledge on to Jamie, who will no doubt tell Cersei, was done with the intention to hurt (duh) and to let Cersei know that she may be winning this war right now but she’s already lost everything and it all started when Olenna poisoned Joffery’s glass of wine. And now because Jamie championed for Olenna to have a classy death befitting of the woman there’s not a damn thing that Cersei can do. She’s already killed all the major Tyrells but no amount of killing can bring that bastard of a child back. Of course, this paints Jamie into a corner as he just explained that he fought for an easy death as murder rises to his eyes with the confession, but if he strikes out and stabs the Queen of Thorns it’s even more of a victory for her. This is the ultimate Westeros mic drop.

This was just a small moment in an episode filled with gigantic moments. For starters, Jon Snow and Daenerys Stormborn have finally come face to face and the meeting went… well, it went. Daenerys is given a long, super hero,  professional wrestler like introduction in an attempt to flex the might of her crown while Jon Snow is introduced as Jon Snow… *ahem* King of the North. Leading into the season it seemed like Dany taking the Iron Throne would be a cake walk. Her army was far superior, she had dragons, and the rightful claim to the throne. The problem is someone started drinking their own Kool-Aide and started treating this victory as a given opposed to something that needs to be won. Her behavior towards Jon sort of mirrors this arrogance. “I’m not my father. You’re not your father. I’m sorry some family members were burnt to death. Bend the knee cause the throne is mine anyway.” While the first meeting was a lot of feeling each other out I couldn’t help but feel that Jon walked away looking the best. Yes, he was “prisoner” on the island until Dany saw fit to release him but he came at her with a rational argument with a problem that is bigger than squabbling for the throne. All Daenerys sees right now is that seat and it’s been that blindness that has lead her to be losing this war so terribly. All her allies are either dead or gone. She needs Jon Snow a lot more than Jon Snow needs her and the Mother of Dragons best eat some humble pie and recognize that or this little revolution will be over before it even starts.

Near the episode’s end, Dany does smooth some of the waters between herself and Jon by letting him mine the dragonglass but it’s only done because of Tyrion’s council. For someone who has worked so hard to be a leader over on the other side of the world, her arrival in Westeros has brought about a nativity and childish behavior. If we know nothing else about the game of thrones it’s that nothing is given to anyone…ever. You want that seat then you’re going to have to fight for it. I get the fact that Jon is the “King of the North” it sounds like he’s threatening her rule but if Dany took the time to listen to Jon Snow she would have quickly understood that Jon could care less about the Iron Throne. Because if the Wall falls, and friends I believe it’s going to, then nothing else will matter with the Night King and the Long Night he brings.

Dany tried to regain some momentum be striking out at Casterly Rock and Grey Worm found the sacking of the castle rather easy. I loved the call back to Tyrion’s job of constructing the sewer system and how they were able to use that to infiltrate the fortress. What I didn’t love was how easily the Unsullied were played. Jamie had pulled the majority of the army over to High Garden and Euron and his ninja fleet of ships lay waste to Dany’s fleet thus stranding her greatest general in a location that has more symbolic importance than tactical. Sweet! Things are not going well for the Mother of Dragons and I really hope she changes her tone when speaking with Jon Snow next week. She’s run out of allies and if she can foster an agreement with the North then maybe there’s hope for both sides. Dany can’t help fight the Night King until Cersei is gone, and Jon can’t hope to beat the White Walkers without them dragons. I think an accord can be reached.

Speaking of the North, Bran arrived back in Winterfell as we were given our first real awkward reunion. I know that Bran can’t move his legs but my man couldn’t even be bothered to hug his sister back. I know Sansa is a bit of a headache but come on, it’s just a hug. I guess the Three Eyed Raven isn’t supposed to have feelings. His arrival in Winterfell is interesting as he knows Jon’s true identity and has zero bed side manner (sorry about your wedding Sansa) and his unveiling that Jon is part Targaryen could really cause a stir in the North. Jon can’t afford a stir in the North. I have a feeling Bran is going to be a problem.

Some other quick thoughts-

  • If you’re a believer in the theory that Game of Thrones is a historical book written by Samwell then the fact that his punishment for saving Jorah, copying super old scrolls, could maybe feed into that. Jorah though looks fantastic and is now on his way to see Dany while Sam didn’t get expelled. I hope those two meet again.
  • The Dinkles killed this episode and I loved all his interactions with Jon Snow. Kit Harrington and Peter Dinklage have tremendous chemistry together as do the Tyrion/Jon Snow characters. How perfect were the brooding jokes? I could almost see the show writers giggling at the internet during the exchange.
  • Hey, it’s Mycroft from Sherlock and he’s in charge of all the money in Westeros. I can see it.
  • I loved how Cersei worked her manipulation over just about everyone this episode. She manipulates Euron into staying to help win the war by promising him marriage when the war is over. She keeps Jamie loyal/close to her by sleeping with him thus playing on his love for her. And I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think she really poisoned the last surviving Sand Snake. I think she’s just doing some mental torture because it’s fun. Lena Headey is so delightfully delicious in how casually awful Cersei is.
  • That scene in the dungeon between Cersei and Ellaria was fantastic. Acting game was strong for all involved.
  • Melisandre was smart staying out of view of Jon and Davos. She also delivered some cryptic foreshadowing stating that both herself and Varys will die on Westeros. Say what now?
  • Dear Funko, why is there no Davos pop vinyl figure?! Please make this happen as the man is tremendous. I love the way he carried himself in the great hall of Dragonstone.

There you have it Geeklings, only four episodes left in season seven. I really want to stop pointing it out but I figure if I talk it over with you guys it’ll prevent my panic attack. What did you think of last night’s episode? Who was the queen that served the most justice? Are you sad to see Olenna go? Is Dany doomed? Now that he’s got his dragonglass will Jon stick around to help? How great was the acting this week? Sound off in the comments below. If you’d like to have a more one on one Game of Thrones conversation you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. See you later in the week with my next preview column, and remember, the night is dark and full of terrors so please believe in the buddy system.


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