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Gal Gadot Took Something From The Wonder Woman Set

We’ve heard it a million times, actors taking something from the set as a souvenir of their time filming. Gal Gadot was recently on Jimmy Kimmel live where she discussed what she took from the set. What Gadot took isn’t a small thing. It’s actually a pretty big thing, but in all fairness, it’s definitely a significant souvenir. She took the Golden Eagle armor helmet home! As you can imagine, the interview was done through a video call, so she had the helmet with her! She even put it on for the audience, which is kind of cool if you ask me!

I’ve put the video below, if you want to check it out for yourself, which you obviously should!

Kimmel actually is the one who asked her if she had taken anything from the set. Gadot didn’t even try to hide it, since obviously, she’s a badass.

“I do. I do actually have, I don’t have Chris’ axe, but I have this one. ” she responded.

She spoke a little about the helmet. It turns out the helmet is actually made of two pieces. She only put one on but it was still pretty cool. She also confirmed that despite appearances it’s not actually made of metal. It’s plastic that’s just made to look like metal. Which I suppose makes sense. I can only imagine filming all the fight scenes and such in a full metal suit would probably be rather difficult. Then again, I bet Gadot could pull it off.

This is actually something we knew beforehand! Gadot shared the helmet ahead of the release of Wonder Woman 1984 when she shared a picture of it to her Instagram!

She posted at the time,”I don’t usually have movie memorabilia lying around my house, but this one is so special for me I just had to put it on display. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a symbol of strength, of legacy, of hope, I love having it with me to remind me of all that.”

Can you believe Gal Gadot took something from the Wonder Woman set? I’m not surprised and I think it’s pretty normal. What do you think about the helmet? Let us know below!


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