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Future State: Wonder Woman #1 Review – Say Hello To Yara Flor!

Published on January 11th, 2021 | Updated on January 11th, 2021 | By FanFest

Future State is officially in full swing over at DC Comics, and that means we’ve been getting a look at what the DC Universe is going to look like in the future. Well, one of many potential futures. I thought it’d be fun to spend the month taking a look at all these Future State titles so that’s exactly what I’m doing! I hope you’ll join me as we explore Future State this month and next month! We’re starting off with Wonder Woman, the new one, Yara Flor!


Alright, so Future State: Wonder Woman was easily my favorite of the Future State books thus far. It was cleverly written, exciting, fun, and beautiful to look at. The whole thing was energetic from start to finish and the best part of all is that Yara is a really fun character. I was really worried about this one too since this comic seemed to be the one that was getting the most attention. 

Luckily even though this is a different kind of Wonder Woman she still captures the essence of what the character should be. She’s not just a reskin of Diana and she’s not a new Cassie either. In just one issue Yara has managed to solidify herself as a character that we should be keeping an eye on. She’s fierce, she’s funny, her design is cool and she manages to stand out in an event that’s full of new characters taking the spotlight. 

Even though it feels like maybe not a lot happened this issue was meatier than you might think. This issue had to juggle a lot. It had to introduce a new character, new concepts as well as the overall plot of this short Future State series all in one single issue, so when you look at it that way I think it was rather successful. 

Just the aesthetic of Yara is interesting enough and I’m sorry, but her sword is way cooler than Diana’s. The art is really cool in and of itself but when combined with Bellaire’s colors it really POPS. I also have so many questions about what those ball things are that she throws at Caipora. Is it similar to the lasso of truth? Does it have any additional powers? Hopefully issue #2 tells us.

Yara herself is honestly just great. She oozes charisma and personality, she’s funny, she kicks ass. She obviously knows how to fight but the most interesting aspect to me, was how little she seems to know about Greek mythology. This is interesting because Wonder Woman has almost always been tied to Greek Mythology but Yara seems downright ignorant about needing payment to get to the underworld. I haven’t read too much about Yara, other than what’s in this issue but I’m assuming she must be part of a separate tribe of Amazons. If this is the case I’d love to see the Wonder Woman comics pick this thread up and see the two tribes interact.

The supporting characters in this issue also deserve a shoutout, with extra special mention to Jerry. We don’t know much about Jerry but we can infer a few things from the issue. For starters, Jerry don’t take no crap. He is a strong, independent Pegasus and he don’t need no Wonder Woman. Secondly, he got a mouth on him. Third, he’s freaking awesome!

Caipora LOOKS really cool, and I like the idea of the mischievous imp type character. I don’t think she’s flat-out an antagonist but she says herself that she and Yara aren’t friends. 

Also, what the hell does Yara have against airports?

With all that being said, Future State: Wonder Woman was a whole lot of fun. It was way better than I expected, but maybe that’s because I didn’t really have expectations to begin with. I’m looking forward to the next issue but what I’m looking forward to even more than that is seeing Yara in the main DC Continuity after Future State. She’s also got a CW show coming and that could be REALLY good if done right. 

There are still so many questions surrounding this new version of Wonder Woman and how she fits in both the rest of the Future State titles and how she’s going to fit into the main DC Continuity once Future State ends. Truth be told we’re not even 100% sure what’s going to happen with Diana going forward and with how well-received Yara has been so far it’s completely possible that she’s going to be in the spotlight for the next little while. I’d be okay with that, I think. 

For now, though, if you’re wondering which Future State titles to pick up I’d say this one for sure. It’s exciting, it’s fun and I can’t wait to see what comes next for our new Brazilian Wonder Woman. 


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