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FIRST LOOK! Tom Holland Reveals Photo of him as Nathan Drake from ‘Uncharted’

Uncharted movie actor Tom Holland has shared an image of him as  Nathan Drake from the Uncharted video games. Time to get excited because he’s spot-on as the character!

Holland shared the image below earlier today and asked if his followers thought “Sony would be pissed if [he] spontaneously uploaded a first look picture.” He said he got North’s approval for the idea and joked that Sony couldn’t fire him because of that.

To date, there have been no official images of him as the character. Holland shared a photo in July that appeared to be the look he’d be sporting in the movie since work on the film was underway at the time. Now, Holland released the image of him as Nathan Drake to his Twitter account.

We’re excited about Holland taking on the role and we’re hoping the film is every bit as great as the games!

The new Uncharted film is currently scheduled to release in theaters on July 16, 2021.

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